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With no sign of slowing down, Dhaka retains its place as one of the most populated cities in the world right now. According to some estimations, more than 20 million people reside in Dhaka, and with a growth rate of over 3.5% per year, the population count is expected to rise another 10 million by the year 2035. Among these, only 20-25% of people have their own homes and for the rest of the people, renting is the only way to move forward. It’s no surprise that most people can’t afford to buy their own homes in the capital city as land price is extremely high.

So in a place where renting is the norm, people are keen on looking for homes that are more affordable and in areas that are well developed. That is because spending half a salary paying rent is not an ideal thing at all. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start your search by listing the most affordable places to rent in Dhaka right now?

Dakshin Khan

Dakshin Khan area
Dakshin Khan is just a short distance away from the main city and is equipped with all sorts of facilities and amenities

Just opposite the bustling square of the airport, Dakshin Khan is an area with quiet settlements. The unaffordability of real estate in prime localities is proved to be a boon for suburban localities such as Dakshin Khan. With an average cost per sq.ft. rate of only BDT 13, the area is one of the most affordable places to rent in Dhaka. Although if you do the math, the average rent of an 800 sq.ft. house in this area stands at BDT 10,400, you can easily find a decent 800 sq.ft. 2-bedroom house under BDT 7,000, which can be great for budget dwellers who want an affordable house not far from the main city. With the airport in such close proximity, the area also offers excellent connectivity to all the major areas of Dhaka. 


If you want to rent in an area that is well developed, meticulously planned and also affordable, look no farther than Banasree. From important establishments to renowned educational institutions such as universities and schools, Banasree has it all. The entire area is divided into blocks and roads that are well organized, so the connectivity between blocks as well as with other areas is very smooth. The average cost per sq.ft. for renting a house in this area is only BDT 15 which is quite a bit cheap compared to the areas it is adjacent to. You can easily find an 800 sq.ft. 2-bedroom house ranging from BDT 8,000 – 17,000.


Bashabo is one of the residential areas built by the Railway Diversion Division to rehabilitate the people affected by the shifting of Dhaka’s main railway station from Fulbaria to Kamalapur. If you want relief from the chaotic city life when you go home then this area might just be the place for you. Since Kamalapur Railway Station is very close, connectivity with other major areas is not an issue in Bashabo. Besides the area is very affordable, according to our database, the average cost per sq.ft. for renting a house is only BDT 15. And you can find a 2-bedroom house starting from BDT 8,000. Renting apartments in Bashabo is a great choice especially if you are starting fresh.


Adabor Area
Adabor is a popular choice among people who want to live inside the main city but don’t want to spend much

Nestled just beside the Mohammadpur area, Adabor is embellished with modern structures, important establishments, and lucrative residential facilities. This area is excellent, if you want to live in the city but don’t want to hurt your wallet. You can basically go anywhere in the city without having to face much hassle. Couple that with an average per sq.ft. cost of BDT 16, this area instantly becomes very desirable to almost everyone. You can expect to find a good 2-bedroom apartment under only BDT 12,800 in this area. The area is also very close to other major areas like Dhanmondi and Agargaon. Therefore, if you are employed in these areas, Adabor could be an ideal choice.


Surrounded by Rampura and Badda Thana to the north, Motijheel, Sabujbagh and Demra Thanas in the south; Khilgaon is very popular among the people who want an urban lifestyle at an affordable cost. Transportation such as Midline Transportation and Bahan Transportation have made it very easy to commute between major areas like Motijheel, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Gulshan, and Mirpur. So if you want to rent a house in this area, you don’t have to spend much of your earnings. With an average cost per sq.ft. of BDT 16, Khilgaon is not only reasonable but also one of the most affordable places to rent in Dhaka and if you want to grow old with your family, this place is an ideal choice. According to, a 2-bedroom apartment is priced BDT 6,000 in this area.


In terms of area coverage, Mirpur covers one of the largest portions of Dhaka. With a number of substantial amounts of government and non-government establishments, Mirpur is also home to the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka Zoo, the National Botanical Gardens of Bangladesh, the Nobel Prize-winning Grameen Bank’s head office. Renowned educational institutions such as Scolastica, Military Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh University of Professionals, SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, Dhaka Commerce College, Govt. Bangla College, Monipur High School, Ibn Sina Medical College, and BCIC College are all located in Mirpur. The area is very well developed and well connected to the rest of the city with various transportation facilities. Pair these all with an average per sq.ft. cost of BDT 16, Mirpur becomes one of the most desirable, if not the most desirable, areas to live in. You can find all sorts of apartments in this area. That said, a 2-bedroom apartment can cost you BDT 7,000-24,000 a month in the Mirpur area.


Bounded by Gulshan and Badda in the north and Khilgaon and Motijheel in the south, Rampura is one of the most densely packed areas in Dhaka. And because of its low cost of living and other facilities, people from across the city prefer to rent houses in this area. Educational institutions such as East-West University and United International University are also in close proximity. Also, major areas like Gulshan, Banani, Karwanbazar, and Motijheel are also not so far from Rampura. Add an average cost per sq.ft. of BDT 16 with all these conveniences, and Rampura becomes the most worthwhile area in the city. The 1200 sq.ft. 3-bedroom apartment in this area can cost you only BDT 25,000 at most.

Whether you are looking for a new house or planning to shift to a new area but don’t want to spend big, these areas can facilitate you with all the convenience that you need for successful living. Bproperty is a great platform for finding properties to rent as we specialize in finding the perfect home for all of our users.

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