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If you are looking for a residential apartment, a first concern should be about the neighborhood you want to live in. There are several things about a neighborhood to consider before coming to a decision. Also, there is no such thing as the perfect neighborhood. Based on your unique needs and affordability, things will undoubtedly vary. However, a few components make an area great for living. So, before you decide to buy your next apartment, let’s look at the amenities offered by an ideal locality.

Access To Public Transportation

A neighborhood with good access to public transport
Public commute and proper accessibility is a trait of an ideal neighborhood

The quality of a neighborhood is highly assessed by its accessibility. Regardless of whether you have your own transportation or not, you still want a community that has excellent accessibility to public transport. Moreover, just availability of transport isn’t enough sometimes. The roads should be in great condition as well; something that can be a major issue across the country. Having great roads and transportation to and from your home are some of the things about a neighborhood that create great relief when the need to move around occurs.

Educational Institutions

North South University in Bahsundhara, Dhaka
North South University in Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka

All parents dream of sending their children to a great educational institution to cement a good future. This is why, at least one great educational institution heartily improves the quality of a neighboorhood. We often see this as a huge motivator when it comes to picking out a residential area and, eventually, a property. 

Medical Facilities

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka
Every locality should offer proper medical facilities

Another essential need for living is healthcare facilities. Being close to a hospital is always an added advantage. Emergencies are just that, sudden and unexpected. People try to live the safest lives possible but are always more relieved knowing there is a safe medical facility nearby at all times. Therefore, many residential areas and developer projects offer their own health care centers. Therefore, before you decide on the quality of a neighborhood you may want to live in, you might want to keep this in your mind as well.

Outdoor Activities

Dhanmondi is an ideal neighborhood for a residential apartment
To get out of boredom, a perfect neighborhood should provide sufficient outdoor activities

Though a luxury, having places of outdoor activities is a great addition to the quality of a neighborhood. Being able to walk over to the nearby park or lake can do wonders to ease a stressed mind. It also provides a good place for children to get out of the house and stretch their legs.


pavement in a residential area Dhaka
Your neighborhood should be safe enough to take a stroll around the block

Taking a walk in Dhaka, undeterred by traffic and pollution, has become a luxury in it’s own right. Though a little upsetting, we have to look for a place to taake a quick stroll. Some neighboorhoods have taken measures to ensure the safety and security of its residents by incorporating walking areas or entire parks for this purpose. These subtle things about a neighborhood make the place feel so much more desirable as an area to live in.

Satisfaction of Owning An Apartment

Home lock and key
A great neighborhood will always bring you inner satisfaction

To be honest, we all look for satisfaction in whatever we purchase. It’s no different for property. The quality of a neighborhood will highly affect this satisfaction. ANd with an investment of this sort, your satisfaction will then go on to affect how you treat your neighborhood, creating a chain reaction of good or bad. Perhaps you could look for a residential apartment community of such a kind where your interests match to further the satisfaction you feel from having made the choice to live there.

The quality of a neighborhood eventually becomes a reflection of your lifestyle or personality. It is quite obvious anyone would want only the best to represent them. What things about a neighborhood do you look for when out looking to buy an apartment?

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