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While some prefer iPhone for its distinctive look and features, some will always choose Android for its performance. Both are unique in their own individual ways just like apartments.  If you are familiar with real estate world, you have certainly noticed that south facing apartments are priced a bit higher than any others. Keeping additional factors like area, size, developer, corner plot etc constant, there are several reasons behind the additional charge of the south facing apartments. So what benefits will you get if you purchase a south facing apartment? Let’s see.

South Facing Apartment Gets More Sunlight

It is basic science. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, south facing apartments are subject to more sunlight naturally. This behavior is particularly noticed in the northern hemisphere. Additionally, as per our geographical location, the tropical wind is more likely to travel from south to north. Hence, if you are looking for an apartment that is facing southwards, these are the additional natural benefits you can enjoy.

Best For Indoor Gardening

As sunlight are vital to plants, south facing indoor gardens work out the best throughout all the seasons. Those type of fruits, vegetables or flowers that require the light more will give you the best produce here. Though there will be more heat and wind, the soil will most likely dry off soon. For this, you might have to water the plants at a more frequent rate. Although if you are a gardener, this shouldn’t bother you at all.

Would You Only Buy South Facing Apartments?

Such apartments are desirable but there is no harm in buying other apartments as well. East facing apartments apparently will get more sunlight during the morning while the west will get in the afternoon. Plus, compared to south facing flats, they will have more consistent temperature throughout the year. Moreover, if you love gardening, you can still grow plants which are suitable under such condition, otherwise, you always have your rooftop as backup anyways.

What Should You Consider While Buying A South Facing Apartment?

Just because an apartment is south facing not necessarily it will be suitable for your purchase. For example, if there is a giant tree in front of your balcony, you will definitely be deprived of the sunlight. Also, consider your primary benefits first and then take account of such facilities. There is no point of having a modern apartment if it doesn’t meet your most important requirements.

If you manage to find a perfect match exact to your requirement, still it would be better if you could visit the location at different times during the day to make sure you whether actually get the core benefit you seek or not. Happy apartment hunting!

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