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In order to find a home, we do a lot of things. We ask our friends and family if they know a property for sale; try to spot a flat with good exterior and hope it’s up for sale; and, of course, search online – all to find that elusive ‘perfect’ home. Sometimes, just sometimes, the answer can be found just in front of us. All we need to do is, make sure to spot it. This is what our monthly ‘Properties of the Month’ series are all about. We regularly bring to you the best new additions of every month so you, if luck would have it, find the home of your dream. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best properties of September 2019.

Charming 1,789 Sq. Ft. Flat in Dhanmondi

This property was MADE to be home to loving families. You can feel the love all around from the moment you step inside. The aura and the atmosphere of this 1,789 sq. ft. flat in Dhanmondi is unlike any. It’s an immensely convenient location at road 16 also adds great value to its existing charm. The spacious design, large windows, great accessories – all of it makes this home one of the best properties of September 2019. Considering all its amazing attributes and location, the price is quite reasonable and a great find. So if you want to secure a safe and loving home for your family, this is the best place.

Delightful 1,630 Sq. Ft. Flat in Shantinagar

The second entry in our best properties of September 2019 is as spectacular as the first one. This 1,630 sq. ft. flat in Shantinagar can be a great choice for anyone and a family of any size. It has 3 spacious bedrooms and 4 wonderful bathrooms to accompany them. The apartment is well-ventilated, wonderfully designed, and located at a premier location near some of the best educational institutes in Dhaka. There’s hardly a better area in Dhaka for quick and easy access to all the important places in the city, and this is your chance to own a delightful home at a great location.

Unique 1,760 Sq. Ft. Flat in Dakshin Khan

Located near the only airport in the city, this 1,760 sq. ft. flat in Dakshin Khan is at the forefront of Dhaka’s progress and development. More and more people are eyeing the area as rapid developments continue throughout and near Dakshin Khan. The flat is very delightful and unique in terms of design as well as. The lengthy design allows the inner bedrooms to have more privacy than usual and the openness of the living & dining room makes the entire place feel quite big. It comes with all the modern features and facilities that we expect for comfort living. So if you are looking for a great deal, this apartment certainly ticks all the boxes.

Enthralling 2,020 Sq. Ft. Flat in Bashundhara R/A

Among all the areas of Dhaka, Bashundhara R/A is currently one of the most popular locations to live, and it’s easy to understand why. The tranquil & organized environment of the area is truly amazing. The conditions at Bashundhara R/A are near perfect. So what if you had the chance to own a 2,020 sq. ft. flat in Block F of Bashundhara R/A that is filled with all of life’s comforts. The flat comes with 3-bedrooms and 3-bathrooms and is perfect for family living. This is your chance to experience something wonderful and really spectacular.

Comfy 1,200 Sq. Ft. Flat in Mirpur

The last entry in our list of the best properties of September 2019 is from Mirpur. This 1,200 sq. ft. flat in Mirpur 2 has beautiful fittings and a master class finishing. The bright texture of the flat lights up the place very nicely. An airy and comfy feel is all around the home, no matter the time. It can be a great first home as it embodies all the qualities to quiet and wonderful living. The spacious 3-bedroom flat is waiting for you to begin making memories and adorn it with your love.

Were any of these properties to your liking? Not to worry if you are looking for something else. Just visit and find thousands of properties available now!

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