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Be it an empty closet space or a bland hallway, a book nook can add personality to your home and make it appear more welcoming.

The concept of book nooks in Bangladesh is relatively new. Unless you’re an avid reader, you probably don’t know what it means anyways. A book nook is typically a space devoted for book reading. Often times, it is used for relaxing or maybe even as a getaway from the daily hurdles of life. The idea is to create a space in your home where you can get cozy and unwind after a long day.

Unfortunately, the lack of eclectic living rooms and contemporary hallways in Bangladesh makes it hard to imagine otherwise. Houses and apartments here are rarely ever designed in a way that leaves us with a designated reading sanctuary. However, creating nooks can be an extremely easy, inexpensive (and fun!) procedure. So, take a look at our list of essentials that will help you to create your perfect reading nook!

First, find a dedicated space

It can be anywhere. No, really. It could be that small space in your living room that you could never decorate; or it could be at the edge of your bed. If you live in a duplex house, it could be the bland space under the stairs. You can even transform your ceiling-hanging swing into a nook and decorate around it as long as the space is enough for you to sprawl around and be comfortable.

First, find a dedicated space - LamudiBD

Add a chair (or not)

Style your special place with a wing back chair, a beanbag or even a small cut-out mattress if you prefer lounging on the floor. You want to be relaxed when you’re reading for a prolonged period of time. Hence, invest in a good piece.

Table space

Of course you need one to put your book down on (or maybe the cup of coffee that went cold an hour ago). Side tables compliment furniture in an obvious, striking manner. Whether you want to give off a modern, chic vibe or a rustic ambiance, side tables will do the trick.

Throw in a dash of color

Now is the best time to hang the artworks you got as a gift from your friends. Go for low-cost prints, vintage paintings or art that reflects your personality.
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Add an invisible partition  

Set a carpet or a minimalistic rug. That way, you’re sending the message that your personal space is separated.
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Throw pillows!

Include comfy cushions or throw pillows which compliment your atmosphere the best. However, don’t go over the top. You want to stick with mellow patterns which work well with your homelike scene.
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A lamp

It could be two small hanging lamps from the sides or any sort of lamp that creates accent lighting. It goes without saying that having a lamp is very essential to your nook. In case you want to improvise, fairy lights come in handy as well but aren’t the best for your tired eyes.

A shelf for your reading retreat

Long, slender bookcases are usually the go-to for nooks. But in case you don’t have enough space, go for floating/hanging shelves. They are unlikely to create a mess; plus, they are a great addition to your contemporary style.

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