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Land as an investment property outweighs every other investment option, whether for profit or security. Although it takes significant money to invest in land, the risk is negligible considering the state of the real estate market in Bangladesh. If you are a real estate investor, you may wonder where it would be more profitable when investing in Dhaka. Short answer: It depends on how much you are willing to invest. For places like Aftabnagar, Purbachal, and Bashundhara, you will need a hefty investment to purchase a piece of land. If the appreciation rate in the past is of any indication, you can expect a high ROI. On the other hand, if you are scouting for land within budget and wish to make the maximum profit, only a handful of areas fit the requirements. In the following, we will discuss all the budget-friendly areas to buy land in Dhaka.

Dakshin Khan

Dakshin Khan area
Dakshin Khan is equipped with all sorts of facilities and amenities and has a great future ahead.

Located on the opposite side of the airport, Dakshin Khan is one of the most sought-after areas to invest in for a piece of land today. There are two main reasons behind demand; prospects for development and the price.

Due to the unique position near some of the city’s most demanding areas, including the airport, Uttara, and Purbachal, Dakshin Khan is next in line for Dhaka’s future development according to Dhaka Structure Plan (DSP). And if ongoing development in nearby areas is any indication of Dakshin Khan’s bright future, then no doubt investing in the area will garner you a great ROI.

Speaking of which, you can invest in a piece of land in Dakshin Khan with only Tk 29 lakh per Katha. Currently, there are plenty of plots to be sold in Dakshin Khan. Whether you are looking for an investment property or a piece of land you could start developing immediately, Dakshin Khan is one of the most budget-friendly areas to buy land in Dhaka.


With the ongoing construction boom, Bochila is amongst the most promising areas for future development in Dhaka.

Among budget-friendly areas to buy land in Dhaka, Bosila ranks higher in attracting big-shot investors. Located on the banks of the Buriganga River, Bochila offers everything a potential investor would want. The area is directly connected to Mohammadpur and offers greater accessibility to the rest of Dhaka. Besides, there is no shortage of essential establishments, including schools and hospitals.

This area has been experiencing a housing boom in recent years. The sheer number of buildings constructed in the area has skyrocketed over the last few years. But the overall price remained astonishingly affordable and within reach of most people. According to the Bproperty database, you can buy a piece of land with a per Katha price of only Tk 10 lakh.

Mohammadpur Green City Housing

Just beside Bosila, is located Mohammadpur’s Green City Housing, and it has become a hot spot for land investors around the country. Green City Housing is an excellent option for prudent buyers who want to make a high profit with minimum investment. Not only does the area offer great value for money, it is also among the areas with the best prospects for higher appreciation.

Nothing is missing from Green City Housing, from well-constructed roads and infrastructure to a necessary setup for future development. Every plot is beautifully divided into blocks, so transforming the area into a residential setup is a viable prospect. And speaking of budget-friendly areas to buy land in Dhaka, you can buy a piece of land in Green City Housing at only Tk 19.5 lakh.


The plan to make Keraniganj the next big thing in terms of development and as part of Dhaka’s metro expansion plan is why you must put Keraniganj high up in the list of budget-friendly areas to buy land in Dhaka. The government has taken multiple initiatives to make Keraniganj more habitable and feature-rich to reduce pressure on Dhaka as population growth exceeds the limit.

A 15,000 sft hi-tech park is also proposed to make the area more economically sustainable, and Keraniganj is all set to be developed as a modern suburb of Dhaka. However, the great thing about Keraniganj is its affordability and availability of land. Especially for people in the middle-income class, purchasing a piece of land is still within reach. You can buy a plot of 6 katha land at only Tk 30 lakh in Keraniganj.

Carving a list of budget-friendly areas was not an easy task. But there you have it. In this article, we also tried to justify why these areas are the most demandable in terms of affordability and profitability and why you should consider investing your hard-earned money in these areas.

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