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Every home should exude a warm and cozy vibe. In that regard, your bed can play the most crucial role. After all, the comfort of our bed is where we surrender ourselves to the end of a long day of work. And the comfort of your bed depends a lot on the quality of the bed sheet you use. Now choosing a suitable bed sheet that syncs well with your bed and your comfort level can be challenging. After purchase, you may feel cheated if not careful about the material, price, and type during the purchase. That is exactly why, in today’s article, we will be discussing different types of bed sheets along with other important things associated with it.

a bright bedroom - different types of bed sheets
There are different types of bed sheets to choose from

What should be the thread count of your bed sheet?

Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads woven per square inch of a fabric. It is quite important to know when you are purchasing a bed sheet. This is because the higher the thread count of the bed sheet, the softer, smoother, and more durable the bed sheet becomes. Different types of bed sheets have different types of thread count. A good quality fabric has a thread count above 200. Premium bed sheets, on the other hand, have a thread count between 400 to 600. Thread counts beyond these numbers are in the category of luxurious bed sheets.

How many bed sheets for a bed?

There is a theory called “The Rule of Three” in home decor. The ideology is simple in regards to bed sheets, replace the used one with a new one and keep the other one safe in storage, just in case. bed sheets upkeep is relatively easy and can be changed and cleaned easily if they get dirty or stained.

About the material

Cotton bed sheets are the most popular ones because of their soft-touch finishes. This is what makes you feel comfortable. However, bed sheets made of a combination of cotton and polyester are usually more durable, affordable, and depending on the type you choose, maybe even brighter. If you do not want to use cotton but are looking for a similar look and feel, you can use bed sheets made of Egyptian or Pima fabric. These are often smoother and more durable than cotton, but be careful, there are many counterfeit examples of mixing these premium materials with other cheap material to look exactly the same. Moreover, you can’t go wrong with linen or polyester. Bed sheets made of these materials are quite soft and durable.

There are plenty of materials to choose from during a purchase. Since a lot of those materials are not easily available in our country, let’s talk about the ones that are readily available and very popular among the masses. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about different types of bed sheets is cotton.

cozy bed
the comfort of your bed can rely on the quality of the bed sheet you choose

Cotton bed sheet

Among all the different types of bed sheets, cotton bed sheets are more common and available at most shops. Cotton bed sheets are different in many ways. You may not know its every variation, but different types of cotton feel different in hand. Sometimes a bed sheet may appear nice and soft but the color goes out after just one wash. These all depend on the material. So, we need to know about the variation of cotton fabric.

Cotton Sateen Fabric – This fabric is quite soft and lightweight. Made with 100% cotton fabric, these bed sheets are also durable and very attractive. Another thing that most people will like about this fabric is that it is easy to maintain. You can easily wash it with hot water without any fear of damage.

Percale fabric – With a usual thread count of 180, this is another popular variation of cotton fabric. Just like the weave cotton fabric, it is also very soft and nicely textured. During the purchase lookout for the thread count. Usually, the best quality parcale bed sheets have a thread count of 280.

Voile fabric – bed sheet made of voile fabric is fantastic for summer use. They are soft, light, and cool material. You can wash it by hand or machine. But, you may have to iron the sheet before draping it onto the bed again or it won’t look good as it is more prone to wrinkles and creases.

Bamboo fiber sheets – This fabric is made from natural bamboo fibers. Bamboo fiber contains some antibacterial ingredients; that means, it won’t be affected by microbes. This also makes the fabric soft and smooth.

In addition to these few materials, there are several others that you may want to know. For example, Egyptian cotton bed sheets, Cotton jersey, Combed cotton, Acrylic sheets, Brocade and Blended cotton, etc. But whatever you choose, look for maximum thread count.

silk satin
Satin exudes aristocracy

Satin bed sheet

The first thing that pops to mind when hearing the name Satin is its smoothness. Satin is a feeling! It exudes aristocracy. And it flourishes in dark colors. Silk satin is notable among other types of bed sheet material for its exclusiveness. For that reason, the price is also high.

Polyester satin bed sheets – This type of bed sheet is quite popular and easy to upkeep. The synthetic fiber of the polyester satin bed sheet also prevents the fabric from creasing. However, the main advantage of polyester is that it is really strong as a material and can be used for a long period of time. It is also quite affordable in terms of price.

Nylon satin bed sheets – It is a very strong and durable fabric and quite soft as a bed sheet. But the problem arises after the first wash as the colors fade. So be careful when you are ironing or drying the bed sheet out in the sun. Otherwise, colors may fade. One advantage of nylon is that it does not crease easily.

Linen bed sheets – Linen is glossy, durable, and also very elegant to look at. One of the problems with linen is that it creases easily. After multiple washing, it becomes quite soft. However, it is very affordable. Ideal for regular use.

Bed sheets are one of the most essential items for your bedroom to make it look and feel good. And as we mentioned earlier, a good quality bed sheet can really amp up the croft level of your bed. To that, we tried to give you a comprehensive overview of different types of bed sheets. 

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