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Ramadan is here, and so is Iftar. That means one thing for the majority of Dhaka dwellers; eating out. This month is the one time of the year, when almost everyone is out to avail the best Dhaka has to offer for Iftar. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing as to which place is the best from all perspectives concerned. Below, we have narrowed it down to 5 of the best places in Dhaka to get your Iftar.

Chittagong Bull:

Over the last few years, Chittagong Bull has become the ideal Iftar place for foodies all around the city. The distinct taste of their dishes hails from, yes, Chittagong! The house special, The Mejbani Beef, is a dish that is only unique to the Chittagong region. As a result, food lovers from all corners of Dhaka city gather at Chittagong Bull, all year around to taste the delightful delicacies where tradition meets art. During Ramadan, they offer Iftar off of their traditional menu at great deals for everyone to avail.


Tarka has been around for many years, and is still one of the most talked about go-to restaurants for both traditional and Indian cuisine. Their dishes can simply be explained as a journey into India. All year around, Tarka offers a wide array of sub continental dishes that will make you feel right at home, even when you aren’t.  For Iftar, they have a selective Ramadan menu which comes out in due time and gives you the best of tradition and sprinkles it with a true hint of Indian authenticity.


When you think Iftar, the image of traditional dishes linger into mind. That is not the case with Sbarro, an American Pizza franchise that has been successfully operating in Bangladesh for a good number of years. Come Ramadan, and a visit to this pizza place will show you why it has become one of the prime places to eat in Dhaka. Every Ramadan, during Iftar time, Sbarro is jam packed with people of all ages, coming to indulge themselves in the unlimited pizza and drink offer, which they give every year during this time. Sbarro continues to be the ultimate feast palace when it comes to eating out for Iftar.

Westin Hotel:

If you are looking for non-traditional feasts when it comes to Iftar, the Westin Hotel is the best place to be. Engulfed with a sense of lavishness and modernity, all year around, the Westin Hotel caters to all varieties of food, from all over the globe. During Ramadan, Westin offers great deals for tantalizing Iftar dishes which will leave your senses tingling.

Old Dhaka:

When it comes to places to eat for Iftar, no list is complete without paying homage to Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka). When it comes to tradition, nothing beats the unique ambiance of Old Dhaka. Commonly referred to as Puran Dhaka, the tempestuous surrealism of this place is riddled with some of the finest of feasts, especially when it concerns Ramadan. During this time of the sacred month, Puran Dhaka is alive and vibrant with the fragrance of food which will intoxicate the soul into surrender. There are too many places to choose from. The most common hot spot for Iftar in Old Dhaka is naturally Chawkbazar. Here, you will find a diverse assortment of feasts that cater to foodies. If you are looking for variety, with a jest of colorful madness, Chawkbazar is the place for Iftar.

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