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As a child, we don’t ever really think much farther than upcoming holidays and birthdays. But as we grow older, we gain an understanding of the importance of planning ahead. By the time we start our careers, we begin to put serious thought into marriage, family, and the future. We take steps that would ensure a happy, comfortable life for us and our family. As such, we start to think about investing in real estate where we can grow old. For such people, any first-time home buying tips can be invaluable and help them avoid the common pitfalls of real estate. So let’s take a look at five such essential home buying tipst

Begin by Reading Up

open books and pen
There are plenty of reading and viewing material on all things real estate

Well, when we say read up we don’t mean that you need to limit yourself only to books or article. But rather use any medium, be it video, audio, or article, to learn about real estate and its terminologies. Buying real estate Bangladesh, or in any country for that matter, can be daunting to a first-timer. So the more you learn about the sector and the process the better. And believe me, there’s plenty to learn and educate yourself regarding real estate. Home financing, legal documentation, building utilities; there’s a lot that you should familiarize yourself with if you plan to make a smooth real estate transaction. Gather more first-time home buying tips such as these ones if necessary to prepare yourself for what to expect.

Make a Budget (But have a Wiggle Room)

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Young professionals have a limited budget available to them

Budgeting is also an important step in any sort of investment. You do not want to spend more than you can afford. Since buying a house or flat is one of the biggest investments you can make, you need to be sure of your budget. However, many make the mistake of stubbornly holding onto that fixed budget; which might result in losing a great property for just a little bit of additional cost. It is advised by many experts to keep a little wiggle room separate from the budget in case a great deal presents itself. It doesn’t have to be much. Just ten percent of the total budget should be the right amount.

Fix Some Non-Negotiable Items

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Select a few aspects that you think are important for your home

While you should leave some extra room when it comes to budget, there are few aspects where you shouldn’t compromise. Which items or aspect should be non-negotiable is entirely up to you though. These items represent the vision of a perfect home for you. So you need to stick to your guns when looking for your first home. Maybe one of these aspects can be a wide balcony or a particular direction the master bedroom is facing; it can be anything or a number of things. Let your realtor know that you prioritize these items for your home and you need them to be present.

Don’t Go for an ‘Independent’ Realtor

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Many people have been a victim of a scam from these shady individuals

Speaking of realtors; ‘independent’ realtors or local brokers are usually the main culprits behind many of the real estate scams in Bangladesh. It is due to them that people have a distrust of the real estate market. However, many still knowingly trust these individuals and go to them when looking to buy a home. So as far as first-time home buying tips go, avoid these local brokers at any cost. They will definitely bill you for many unnecessary things and might even scam you out of your money. Several proper real estate organizations like provide transparent, organized, and trusted real estate service. So our advice would be to take the services of these organizations instead of ‘independent’ realtors.

Check Out Other Listings in the Area

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A different home in the same area might be less costly or have better facilities

Our closing first-time home buying tips would be to check other available properties in your preferred area. There are several reasons for browsing other listings in the same area. First of all, you can get a better sense of property prices in the area. If there is a variation in prices to your property, you’ll understand the reasons behind it. This will also help you in negotiation as well. Secondly, who knows, you might find a property that you like better while browsing than the original one you preferred. That is why it is always advisable to look at other available properties in the area.

While there are a number of first-time home buying tips out there, these five definitely take the top spot. By keeping these in mind, you can be better prepared to take one of the major steps in life and ensure a great and happy life for you and your family.

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