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There are people who will attempt absolutely nothing around the house that involves a tool and there is the other extreme, people who insist on doing it all by themselves. There are many routine tasks that you should really consider hiring someone to do. Perfection by professionals cannot be underestimated. When it comes to your home, you have to live with the mistakes you make.

The crooked shelves, the slanted clothes cabinets, the uneven mirror, every day you will look directly at the error of your amateur endeavors. Here are five tasks we would implore you to hire someone to do for you.

Hanging art

On paper this seems like a small task, but don’t underestimate the art at hand. It can be a lot more complex than you imagine at first. Firstly, art has to be hung at a certain height. This is usually 57”, representing the average human eye level. Secondly, if the art is heavy like an antique mirror it might need to be hung over a stud. Finally, a handyman will ensure that it is level, this is a tricky procedure.

Painting refreshers

It is impossible, even if you are the most careful person in the world to avoid little scuffs on your walls. A door swings in the wind, the pet dog scratches the door, your child over zealously kicks a football through the house. The point here is that a bad touch-up job may end up looking worse than its scuffed predecessor. You could also try to find a handyman in the area.

Changing a light fixture

This is not as easy as it sounds. Upgrading light fixtures is a great way to add a personal touch to a room. You might run the risk of being electrocuted if you get the wires the wrong way. Unless you like the Einstein hairstyle we advise hiring a professional to do this. Your dinner guests might be annoyed if the chandelier falls down on their main course.

Installing a new faucet

New elements for your sinks, showers and tubs can be a cost-efficient way to refurbish your bathroom. Handymen will easily be able to handle small tasks around the bathroom; anything more complicated should be left to the plumbers.

Cleaning the gutters

A clean gutter is important to protect your roof, foundation and landscaping, as they control the flow of rainfall. You have two choices: grab the ladder from a neighbor or the garage, don a pair of gloves, and get on your hunkers and start collecting, or you can pick up the phone and call a handyman. It should be noted that in two story houses it can be particularly dangerous to step onto the roof without a safety harness. This is mandatory for a handyman working on your gutters.

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