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Of the many items that complete our homes, mirrors are our favorite. Mirror designs not only help us perfect our appearances, they also help decorate our rooms. Mirrors in designs can solve dilemmas regarding decorative ideas in our small or large houses in Dhaka, by amplifying lights and breaking up visual clutter.

Using different types of mirrors

round mirror
Tons of mirrors designs throughout the house

Although the classic round or rectangular mirrors are commonly used by people in Dhaka, geometric patterns or detailed mirror designs and intricate curving can make rooms even more alluring. Mirror designs such as these can be found in shops like Home Décor, Aarong, Jatra or Bishwo Rang. Online stores such as Daraz, Ajkerdeal and Bagdoom also show a variety of uncommon mirrors as soon as you type the word “mirror” in the search bar.

The more the merrier

lots of mirrors
Can you ever have enough mirrors?

In case of mirrors deigns for room decorations, conventional wisdom says to have one per room. But why stop there and limit our creative shifts?
Mirror gallery-walls can be created using small mirrors or large panels of antiquated mirrors. This can be an excellent replacement for the conventional picture paneling that most living rooms in our houses have. Having a unique concept of a wall full of mirrors of various or similar shapes with identical framing, adds a whole new aesthetic to the room.

Mirrors in Unusual Places

mirror on table
Odd places may serve various benefits

Having mirrors in the room not only makes the place feel more spacious, it also adds a lot of shine. Over sized floor mirrors can make great additions to your dressing rooms or bedrooms helping you add final touches to your best outfit. These large mirrors help you get dressed and open up the room.
In addition to other rooms, the kitchen could use some mirrors. One way to do this is to add mirrors to the front of kitchen cabinets. Additionally, this leaves a beautiful sparkle in your collection of glassware and crystal!


brand logo
A great place for mirror design

Sunburst mirrors becoming a popular choice here in Dhaka. Located in Gulshan 2, opposite to Pink City, Satori offers an easy solution to consumers by providing an enormous array of beautiful sunburst mirrors. With their striking designs and shiny finishes, these pieces can add a lovely texture to your beautiful homes.

With all the versatility mirror designs offer, you are likely to find a mirror that fits your requirements. Aim to find the perfect beautiful additions to your rooms, which reflect not just you but also your choices!

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