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On average, we spend about 40 hours per week in an office. In a place where we spend about 8 hours every day, it’s important that we are comfortable; especially since our livelihoods depend on it. Our ability to focus depends on the kind of environment we are working in. a workplace is a business tool; how it is designed and its functionality determines a company’s core values, culture, and brand. Below is a list of office design tips that can make you more productive.


Colors such as green or yellow can improve productivity
Colors such as green or yellow can improve productivity

Color plays a vital role when it comes to our moods and energy since it can evoke physical and emotional responses. The interior design for office, especially the color, can have an impact on your productivity significantly. Neutral colors like Beige or White can make a room appear dull which might hamper one’s productivity level. However, colors like Green, Blue and Yellow are said to improve our productivity but try to stay away from overpowering colors like Red or Orange since they are related to increased stress levels. To create the coolest office decor, add a dash of color in your office to make it appear less boring and more fun.


Lights with a cooler tone are more suitable in a working environment
Lights with a cooler tone are more suitable in a working environment

Lighting varies depending on your office culture. If you have an open office layout, chances are you have a central office lighting system. You’re likely to have an open working space if you need to collaborate more often but overhead lights aren’t going to make it easier for you to concentrate. However, separate rooms for departments means you can customize desks to an extent. Warm lights can dull down your energy, induce headaches and make workers feel fatigue. Plan the interior design for office strategically and install lights with colder tones that will really keep you motivated throughout the day, or better, tap into the natural light available and work close to a window to boost your productivity.


Personalizing your workplace will help you improve productivity
Personalizing your workplace will help you improve productivity

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in a confined space, it’s advised to make your space a place where you’re comfortable. A personalized space will let you be more connected to your work. One of the best office design tips is to keep a photo framed on your desk or add a personal notebook and sticky notes. Don’t discard the importance of writing just because we live in a digital world. You can even keep a small potted plant on your desk. Control the air quality in your office and at the same time, beautify your office space by incorporating green plants. Creating a personalized space is one of the best things you can do for your mental well-being and to improve productivity. To have the coolest office decor, get creative!


A clutter free desk is the key to working efficiently
A clutter free desk is a key to working efficiently

A cluttered space is your productivity’s enemy. While some people function better working at a messy table, studies show that people work significantly better when their workspace is more organized. Try to do a daily cleanup upon arrival at your office so that you get a head start at work. Try to be self-monitoring of your workplace. If you are not using an element as frequently, put it in the drawer where it belongs. Your interior design for office should reflect on your personality and how you prefer to work.

Create space for movement

Take a few short breaks to stay focused throughout the the day
Take a few short breaks to stay focused throughout the day

We function better when we take small breaks in between work. Make opportunities for taking a walk during work. For instance, set up the printer at a designated corner where you’d have to walk to bring papers. Productivity is not directly correlated to how much time you’re spending on completing a task. Hence, it’s better to refuel and recharge every once in a while.

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