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Over time, there has been a number of changes in the layouts of the house design. Minimal décor has come ashore in some places and so, with the new inclusion of splendor and novelty. All in all, the old-fashioned home décor trends are now gone. But, in the days that are left behind, you have an old bond with your favorite home and home furnishings. Come on, let’s take a look back at what was in the old-time home décor vis-a-vis old-fashioned home décor trends. How or what was the furniture of that time? Let’s start.

Matt or tablecloth made of lace

Book and Tea Cup
The lace matt had been sewn with the “Kushi” thread

There was a time when there were various kinds of household stuff made from laces. Starting from floor mats, table cloths, food lid, sofa cushion covers, etc. less than almost everything had a border made of lace. Many were fond of this lace cushion knit with their own hand. At that time, it was probably like the home décor must-have touch of own hand.

Heavy boards or ceilings

The ceiling was decorated with the brightest of colors

This type of ceiling is more visible in the Half building or in the tin-set house. Over time, the heavy ceilings have disappeared as the Half Building ceased to extinct. Exterior ceilings with colorful designs could be seen in many houses. Not only the heavy board ceiling used but also in many cases there were ceilings made from bamboos! Many of the ceilings were painted again in so different colors and designs to enhance the beauty of the house. This craft was really astounding.

Floral décor

Cushion cover
Floral decor was very popular

In the past, there was nothing better than a flower to decorate the house. Not only the living flowers with which the house was decorated but also various corners of the house were also decorated with plastic flowers. Starting from the vase, a bunch of flowers were hung on the wall or on the ceiling. It was not just limited to living or plastic flowers. Flower printed curtains, sofas, tablecloths, bedsheets almost everything had the touch of floral décor. It was quite famous during those times.

Artificial fruit

Artificial fruits were used to decorate home

With the combination of artificial flowers, the usage of colorful clay-made fruits became very popular for the decoration of a house. Almost in all the drawing rooms of the houses, a large tray of artificial fruits were arranged on the table or side table in the middle of the tables. It seemed so real that many people tried to fill those in the mouth! Those memories were so pretty hilarious.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture
Everyone’s first choice was wooden furniture

Nowadays there are many options for choosing furniture. It is not necessary that you have to select only wooden furniture. There are thousands of options like bamboo furniture, steel furniture, metal furniture, plastic furniture, plywood furniture. All these furniture are very popular now. But at that time, no furniture was used other than wood furniture. And the color of the wood was only kept in the varnish. Just like now, anything of white, coffee or black color could not be seen before.


The entire room’s decoration changed due to the yellow fluorescent light

In the 90s, there was a very famous advertisement stating- “The king of fish is Ilish (Hilsha), and the king of the bulb is Philips!” But not only the Philips bulb was famous. Different brands of bulbs took hold of the market. At that time, there might not be a room where one of those 100-watt power bulbs were not illuminating. It’s not like there was no white light at that time. Tubelight was there but people used these bulbs in most places. The entire attire of the household changed with the brightness of the yellow light. It created a splendid contour of the environment. The yellow bulb was a prominent design material in the old-fashioned home décor trends.

You must have been nostalgic until now! These memories of the good old days keep us alive. With the passage of time, how modern our homes have become, the old décor style isn’t something to forget. If you have anything on your memory you want to share, please don’t forget to leave a comment. The old-fashioned home décor trends are always the memories that sweep our time to the past.

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