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To reduce the overall hassle of property vetting and also as an initiative of Digital Bangladesh, the land ministry last year introduced digital land record rooms across the country. With the launch of these digital record rooms, the process of verifying and collecting the Records of Rights or otherwise known as Khatiyan or Porcha has now become easier. Citizens can avail this service online from the website. Here is an infographic of online khatiyan verification.

online khatiyan verification infographic
An infographic of online khatiyan verification

Apart from online khatiyan verification, you will also be given the option to collect either an online copy or a certified copy of your Khatiyan. However, a certain amount of charge will be applicable for this service.

Purchasing a property involves a lot of work. Before the transaction, you have to validate the authenticity of the property’s ownership and Khatiyan verification is one of the most important steps in the process. Otherwise, you may face legal discrepancies or fall victim to forgery and property related scams. With online khatiyan verification, all these complications are expected to be reduced greatly.

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