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Over the years Dhaka city has become extensively populated, mostly for migration from other cities or small towns. Even though, natives know our capital as the city of luxury where living is pricier than most other cities in Bangladesh. The dispute over this aspect of being fades, thereupon when we would talk about one of the affordable areas in Dhaka.

One of those mentionable areas is Shantinagar, situated very close to the central commercial hub ‘Motijheel’. Shantinagar offers a broad array of affordable apartments to reside in that comes with very frugal living. However, the community has got everything that you would seek from a balanced lifestyle which fits any income group. By all means, starting from cheap transportation to shopping places and restaurants; Shantinagar is inclined to offer everything a living friendly locality needs.

So, have yourself enlightened by a read to know how.

Connecting flyovers in shantinagar

Flyover directing to Rajarbag and Shantinagar Location
Flyover connecting to Rajarbag and Shantinagar

After the fast-paced development of flyovers in the capital, the south Dhaka has been exponentially benefitted. Given that, here is a three-way connecting flyover situated in the middle areas like Mouchak, Rajarbag, Shantinagar and Rampura. Using this respective flyover, you can commute directly to Rajarbag area from which Khilgaon flyover is just 100 meters away. Besides, one end of the flyover lands on Shantinagar area that leads to Kakrail and paltan. Consequently, before landing to Rajarbag, there’s another connecting end that takes you to Rampura (Abul Hotel).

Therefore, this flyover has ignited great impact on the traffic of Motijheel area which was not likely before this worthwhile construction.  You might contemplate of moving to an apartment in Shantinagar for this reason; to avail this functional development for quickest commute system. Affordable living depends a lot on how flexibly you can move to other areas and that too not worrying about extra unreasonable costs. 

Daily Shopping needs & Shopping Places

Karnaphuli Garden City Shopping Complex mall in Shantinagar
Karnaphuli Garden City Shopping Complex

Worried about the place to hop in for your daily commodity needs? Shantinagar solves it through reasonable and renowned departmental store like Meena Bazar. Moreover, to avail the handy products for your children “Kids & Moms” has located one of their branches at Shantinagar. Furthermore, Twin Towers Concord Shopping Complex and Karnaphuli Garden City are the most deary malls by the locals of this area for selling products at the fairest prices. So, we can assure whatever your strive for, Shantinagar has covered all the categories of basic and chic options to serve your day-to-day needs.

Legal Surveillance

Rajarbag Police Lines police station
Rajarbag Police Lines

One of the things that concern a dweller who is probing for a new home is the safety and security. Whereas, most of the areas lack a nearby police station to report for any legal emergency that Shantinagar does not. In this regard, if you take the flyover, find Rajarbag Police Lines just five mins away from the corresponding locality. Additionally, the inhabitants would locate another noteworthy police station adjacent to Shantinagar at Paltan area known as “Paltan Thana’’.

Medical Support

Popular Diagnostic Center Ltd. hospital at Shantinagar
Popular Diagnostic Center Ltd.

The community lacked some auxiliary medical hospitals before and the residents thereof had to approach to Dhanmondi, Gulshan or other localities. At present, Shantinagar has two of the hospitals to offer you reliably advanced and quality medical aids. The area has got individual branches of Bangladesh Eye Hospital and Popular Diagnostic Center, and by hearing the name, you can sit back relieved to obtain standard treatments. Moreover, ‘Lazz Pharma’ pharmacy has recently opened a branch in Shantinagar for your immediate medicine necessities. 

adjacent Hotels

Hotel Rajmoni Ishakha at Kakrail
Hotel Rajmoni Ishakha

For your business meetings or guest visits, Shantinagar zone has got two vintage hotels and one of its name is “White House Hotel’’. The hotel stands just alongside the Rajarbag Police Lines. Furthermore, just around the corner of Karnaphuli Garden City Shopping Mall, “Hotel Rajmoni Ishakha’’ is located at VIP Road, Kakrail.

Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges

Viqarunnisa Noon School & College at Baily road
Viqarunnisa Noon School & College

Certainly, academical amenities is one of the musts when you start planning or shortlisting the areas; you want to shift your address. The most renowned “Viqarunnisa Noon School & College” is situated in Baily road; the closest area to Shantinagar. Although, being the top-ranked school and college in Dhaka, the area used to have severe traffic jams in the class hours. Thanks to the new flyovers which is keeping all the connecting roads close to this institution all clear and tiring traffic-free. Besides, “Habibullah Bahar University College” is a higher secondary college nigh to Karnaphuli Garden City Shopping complex and also the landing point of the Shantinagar flyover.

IF You are a foodie!

KFC, Pizza Hut & Thirty 3 Restaurant at Baily road
KFC, Pizza Hut & Thirty 3 Restaurant

Bangladeshis are downright food lovers no matter what area they choose to reside in; food restaurants are on top of their search lists. Baily road has the image of the first unified food street in Dhaka that you find at walking distance from Shantinagar. KFC, Pizza Hut, even the mouth-watering Fakruddin Kacchi has got their distinctive branches at Baily road. Hence, f you buy a house in Shantinagar, no matter which road you pick; all the appetizing food outlets are just a rickshaw ride away. It does not matter what time it is; this tempting food street comes to life just after the evening. This one street has got Fuchka carts, ice cream parlors, fine-dining restaurants – to serve you every eatery needs.

Shantinagar is a rising locality that holds apartments at legit and reasonable deals. Alongside, the area enables the residents to demand economically healthy lifestyle and affordable housing within their budgets. Thus, if your office is in Motijheel or any nearby location, planning a house in Shantinagar could be one the meaningful options to consider. Give it thought maybe? Stay tuned for more area updates!


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