Are you constantly tripping over things in the hallway? Can you never remember where you stored that spare set of bedsheets? Or is your closet so disorganized that you forget to wear half your clothes?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s probably time to devise a new storage system for your home. But if you’re limited on space, you might find that the mess keeps creeping back, no matter how many times you clean it up. The simple storage tips below can go a long way to helping you tame the chaos at home.

Kitchen: Make use of empty space

Kitchen pantries can be the worst offenders for inefficient use of space. Have you ever noticed that even with your plates and bowls stacked one on top of the other, there’s plenty of unused space between the shelves of your kitchen cupboards? Make use of this empty space with mini shelves that slot into your pantry to give you extra vertical storage.

Living room: Invest in a console table

Create extra space by adding a console table to your living area or even in the hallway. These tables allow you to display your creative side with decorative pieces such as vases or photo frames while providing storage space underneath. Look for something classy like the solid wood console pictured above.

Bedroom: Go vertical

While most people tend to look under the bed when they need more room to store things, the best way to maximize space in small bedrooms is by building upwards rather than outwards. Swapping your bedside table for a tallboy or cabinet can triple your storage capacity without taking up any more floor space.

Bathroom: Add baskets to shelves

We love the look of these large wicker baskets on open shelves or underneath bathroom vanities. You can store all your toiletries and towels close at hand, while still keeping things neat and tidy. Try adding some large baskets or even vintage crates to an open cabinet for a stylish look.

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