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September is an exciting month. Along with it being a month to celebrate lots of first days, discoveries, inventions and openings, there are a lot of activities going on in Dhaka. You’ll find professional events and festivities to partake with friends in. Let’s look at all the great things to do this September!

Anime Art Fest & Exhibition Dhaka

drawing Link
Are you interested in Anime?

Date: September 6th
Time: 10AM to 7PM
Venue: Eurasia School, House – 1, Road – 32, Sector – 7, Uttara

This will be a gathering of some of the most enthusiastic artists in the city; anime artists. Come see what the artists have to offer and meet with them for discussions on their work and things that interest you. Or if you’re an artist, you might want to participate yourself! Take a look to see if this is the event for you.

Arnob Live

Arnob poster
Listen to Arnob live

Date: September 6th
Time: TBA
Venue: TBA

You may love him, or you may hate him, but there’s no doubt his music is special. Arnob will be performing for everyone once again this September. Expect some of your favorite tunes and some new beats. The venue and timing will be announced over the next few days so do keep your eyes and ears open if you want to catch Arnob live.

Fuchka Festival 2019

plate of fuchka
So much fuchka for you

Date: September 8th, 9th, 10th, & 11th
Time: 10AM to 10PM
Venue: Sayeedana Community Center, Road 9A, Dhanmondi

Fuchka is one of those things that we just can’t really step away from. Now imagine a venue full of fuchka for the taking. How could you possibly not find yourself eating everything there? Well, the dream of endless fuchka is nearly upon us! Of all the things to do this September, the Fuchka Festival 2019 is going to be the tastiest. Head on over to Dhanmondi between the 8th and 11th to fill up on some yummy.

8th Asian Tourism Fair 2019

Time to pack your bags

Date: September 26th, 27th, & 28th
Time: 10AM to 10PM
Venue: International Convention Center Bashundhara (ICCB), Dhaka

September also has a few business and constructive types of events. The 8th Asian Tourism Fair 2019 is taking place for anyone interested in international travel and wants to learn more about what’s going on or the prospects of the future. Come on down to International Convention Center Bashundhara during the 3 days to get your travel on.

4th National Space Carnival 2019

The final frontier

Date: September 26th & 27th
Time: 8AM to 6PM
Venue: BUET

If you are a space enthusiast, be there. The 4th National Space Carnival 2019 at BUET will have tons to do, say and listen to. There will be quizzes, writing, an art contest, a documentary, talks, a presentation on telescope making and much more. For all the space geeks out there, find yourself at this event.

10th National Nature Summit 2019

nature tracks
The giver of life

Date: September 27th & 28th
Time: 8AM to 8PM
Venue: Notre Dame College, Dhaka

Nature doesn’t need an explanation about how important it is. We know it, yet we have trouble stopping all that is going wrong with it. This event in September focuses on our Earthly Mother and all of its beauty. Taking place at Notre Dame College, the Summit will have something for people of all ages with event categories for those in Nursery all the way to University. There will be art competitions, poster designing, an expert session and much more. If you have the time and interest, do think about dropping by and learning more about the planet you call home.

There is no reason to stay at home all month now that you’ve seen this list. And these are only some of the things to do this September. We hope you have a good time discovering the month. Do let us know how things go and if you went to any of the events mentioned here.

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