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When it comes to choosing where to live in – an apartment or a house – it is easy to forget to test the waters and just go for an option that fits your budget.

However, there are tiny, yet important details worth considering before deciding which place is best for you. Bproperty weighs the pros and cons of living in a house versus an apartment.

Home size

Acquiring a house or an apartment can be based entirely on the amount of space needed, however, you should always take into account the differences between average home sizes in different countries. If you plan to move to the United Kingdom, your search for a 200m²  apartment might be harder than you thought. Make sure you have a look round first in order to find your dream place!


If you are an animal lover, don’t forget to think of your best pal and how much indoor or outdoor space they need. Guinea pigs and fish are on the top of the list of most popular small pets to have in an apartment, whereas nothing can beat dogs and cats when it comes to most popular house pets. According to statistics from World Society for the Protection of Animals, as much as 60% of all pets around the globe are dogs, just ensure you have plenty of room for them to play.


According to statistics, a British woman spends a year and a half of her life cleaning the house, while a British man spends 50% less than that. If you opt for a house, consider the amount of time you will need to spend and the amount of water you will need to use while cleaning it.


If you are one of those 80% of gardeners that are more satisfied with their lives versus 67% of non-gardeners, you probably already thought of moving to a house and plant your own tomatoes. However, don’t forget to take into account the fact that you will need to spend at least $100 dollars in the USA every year for lawn care, according to statistics from Elements Design Build LLC.


Cars are parked as much as 95% of the time, therefore, considering the fact, whether your new home has a garage, might be handy. According to a survey by motor insurer, parking can cause stress: three out of four respondents claimed that backing into a space is sometimes tricky even there is sufficient room and as much as 22% confessed to being hopeless at the maneuver under any circumstances. 75% of women that participated in the survey thought that parking was more difficult when being watched by someone else. This means that having a garage is worth considering, especially for female drivers!

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