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We spend a lot of money on our assets; property in particular. Of course, we do it because we feel it’s either a great investment for the future or because it’s time to settle down. But have you ever considered virtual property? In 2009, nearly $600 million was invested in virtual worlds. That is a LOT of investment for property you will never touch. Today we’ll look at 3 of the most expensive transactions in history, for a combined cost of $1 million worth of virtual property.

Monria, Entropia Universe

Monria entry
Welcome to Monria

Monria is a moon in the mass multiplayer online game, Entropia Universe. The game revolves around different planets, moons and asteroids with goodies for players to discover and civilizations to be built upon. This particular moon was up for sale a couple of times in the past. But the last 5 joint-owners decided to sell the planets with its existing residences, shops, mines and all. A sort of auction took place, where the price of the moon began at 2,500,000 PED ($250,000) and was to go down 5% every day it was left unsold. The moon was eventually sold on 27 November, 2015 to Jason Jarvis aka Eugenio Anhithe Wilde for the price of $95,000. Who would have thought the cost of virtual property could be so high?

Crystal Palace, Entropia Universe

Crystal Palace Space Station
This Space Station is worth quite a bit!

Our next entry is another VERY expensive piece of real estate from the same game, Entropia Universe game. Look like Entropia Universe is a very profitable game. That’s at least what Buzz “Erik” Lightyear thought when he decided to purchase the Crystal Palace Space Station for $330,000! In December of 2009, Buzz won the auction for the virtual property that he was certain he would get great returns off of. 10 years later, after some great returns on the investment, it was decided that the Crystal Palace Space Station would be a publicly owned asset with 500,000 shares available at 10 PED ($1) per share. That’s a total-shares value of $500,000 dollars!

Club NEVERDIE, Entropia Universe

Club NERVERDIE external
This Club is definitely the place to be in this Universe

It would appear this game is all about real estate and we’re near our mark of $1 million worth of virtual property. And this last bit of real estate went for a major price. Club NEVERDIE was initially purchased by Jon “NEVERDIE” Jacobs for $100,000. He had mortgaged his real home for it. But his returns on the investment and the future sale of the property more than covered for that mortgage. In 2010, he made history. The Club was made of 20 separately sold domes, all sold separately for a total of $635,000. That’s well over a half a million dollars for virtual real estate!

There you have it; the cost of virtual property is nothing to scoff at.  Many people have purchased and sold very expensive plots of virtual land and great amounts and for a hefty profit. But before you go jumping into Entropia Universe to grab your own $1 million worth of virtual property, there is a need to understand the market. It’s not much different from the tangible world. But isn’t it fascinating how much people are willing to spend on something they’ll never touch? Would you, if you had the money? Let us know how you feel about the cost of virtual property in the comments section below.

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