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As we splurge on the idea of a sitting area by the window, bigger space for a closet or a lavish bed frame and many other bedroom decor ideas, we forget to keep in mind what a bedroom’s true purpose is – for rest and recharge. This is our personal safe haven that we come back to at the end of the day so we must prioritize its one and only functionality above all –


However, that doesn’t mean it has to be all that boring. A bedroom is a personal space where we come to escape from everything else; therefore, it should reflect our style and personality, too. Below is a list of bedroom decorating ideas that might inspire you, whether you’re thinking of renovating your home or just a first-time home buyer.

Push your bed up against a corner

Setting up your bed against a wall is one of the best bedroom decor ideas that can keep your bedroom clutter-free.
Maximize space in a small bedroom by setting up your bed against a corner

In order to maximize your bedroom space, setting up your bed in a corner will allow you to decorate the rest of the room according to your preference. This goes especially for people with small spaces. Having a small apartment should not restrict you from decorating your room as you like; and setting up your bed against a wall is one of the best bedroom decor ideas that can keep your bedroom clutter-free.

You can now put the extra bed-space area for a various number of things. Make a statement with a rug on either side or at the end of the bed. Moreover, you can place a small couch, vintage or modern depending on your overall décor, to maximize usable area.

Now speaking of beds, the materials you decide to use on it plays a role when it comes to decorating a room, too. Single colored loose linens with quilts of the same color or of a similar hue is likely to make a bedroom appear cozier. It can also make your room seem bigger because of the layers instead of looking overcrowded.

Mirrors for an illusion

Adding a mirror is one of the most useful small bedroom decorating ideas.
Mirrors can draw attention to a small room

This goes specially for small space dwellers. A mirror is a great accessory which can completely change the look of a space. Installing a mirror on a wall or on the surface of a cabinet is one of the easiest bedroom decor ideas that will exhibit the idea of a bigger room. Also, they add an edgy touch to an otherwise cozy room.

In terms of making a room appear bigger, curtains can be of help as well. Ceiling-length drapery can make a room seem much more spacious. Accessorize your apartment with these home decor ideas.

Color schemes

Take your pick from a vast array of bedroom decorating tips.
Choose colors that reflect your personality

You can choose any color for your room but the best ones for a bedroom is likely to be the one that’ll offer a calming effect (and make you get a good night’s sleep!).

There are, however, tons of bedroom decor ideas to choose from. Painting a room, wallpapers with different patterns and textures or even picking a design theme for a room, the options are endless. For taking inspirations, go through these unique wall decor ideas to beautify your home.

Get creative with storage

Creating clever storage spaces is one of the most useful modern bedroom decoration ideas.
Optimize your space in the most efficient way possible

A room should not only look the part but should serve its purpose too – functionality. Be it attaching drawers to your bed or hanging shelves on the wall, with a little effort you can make extra room for all your belongings. If you have the option, curve out an alcove or two right beside your bed. That little nook should be enough to contain your daily necessities or you could even use it instead of a bedside table.


Include proper lighting while you are thinking of room renovation ideas.
When it comes to setting the mood of a room, lighting plays a vital role

Lighting can be referred to as architectural jewelry. It is as important as any other element in a room. For bedrooms, the ideal choice of lighting would be warm lights. White lights tend to be too harsh on the eyes whereas warm lights can instantly make a room appear cozy.

However, the beauty is in the details. Light fixtures come with different home designs for every category. For instance, sconces or decorative overhead lights can completely change the outlook of a room. These light fixtures can be vintage because they usually have detailed ornamentation in between or have a rather modern look with plain lines.

What is your take on these bedroom decorating tips? Let us know if any of these room renovation ideas inspired you to spin up your own bedroom décor in the comments section below!

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