When you are thinking about changing the interior design of your apartment, try to focus on the walls. Small changes in the wall decor can have a big impact on your home’s outlook. They can also be the perfect medium to play with the basic aspects of interior design and beautify your home. So why not try some unique wall decoration ideas to see how they change your apartment’s look? Who knows, maybe one of these ideas will be the missing piece in the puzzle of your home’s design.

Antique Items

Antiques as wall decoration in your home
Just one or two antique item is enough to bring sophistication to your wall

A few good antique pieces are easily capable of making your home trendy as well as changing its outlook. Very few homes in Bangladesh have antiques as home decor and having antique items on the wall is even rarer. This makes them the perfect candidate for unique wall decoration ideas. Visualize a magnificent sword, old-timey clock, or equally astounding decorative piece hanging on your wall. The addition of such items as wall decor instantly brings class and sophistication to the entire place. While it’s true that some large or rare antique pieces can be costly, there are plenty of affordable and small items available in the market.

Hand-woven Nakshi Kantha

Age old wall decoration in Bangladesh
Nakshi Katha’s have been a part of this country’s culture even during the Mughals

Nakshi Kantha’s have been a part of Bengali culture for a long time. Skilled craftsmen bring together ordinary clothes and intricate designs to form extraordinary pieces of art. They were originally meant to just be embroidered quilts, but the beauty and splendor of Nakshi Kantha’s have elevated them to decorative items. These hand-woven art pieces add a cultural flavor to your home decor and make the room it’s in very charming. You can find some very beautiful framed Nakshi Kantha’s in a number of shopping malls across Dhaka. Or if you prefer, you can find skilled craftsmen yourself and commission custom pieces as well.

Living Wall

Green walls are excellent wall decor ideas
Greeneries brings outside nature indoors

Bring in some life into your living space by getting indoor plants for your apartment and create a living wall. A number of small plants hanging on your wall are all it takes to create a green living wall. They are an important component of green home design and add some much-needed natural elements. Showcase your love for nature and life by making room for them on your walls. A living wall is a very aesthetically pleasing wall decor and has the added benefits of houseplants.

Road Signs

Add some signs in your wall decoration
Make your home unique with street signs

When it comes to unique wall decoration ideas, hanging signs on a wall is very unorthodox here in Bangladesh. This type of wall decor, while common in western countries, is quite rare in Bangladesh. Contemporary signs such as stop signs, road signs, and railroad signs add a very different flavor to a room’s interior. A few signs on the wall will definitely be eye-catchy and stir up conversations when you have people around.

Wall Art

Paint beautiful images in your wall decoration
Paint your walls just the way you want them to be

Instead of hanging paintings on the wall of your apartment, turn the wall into a canvas. Clear out a large wall of everything hanging on it and make it a work of art. Be it a mural or symbols; add a personal touch in a unique way. The towering wall art will be a sight to behold for everyone visiting your home and those living in it. It will mesmerize the viewer with its depiction of your taste. And it’s not like you need to buy a new apartment to create wall art either. Take the initiative whenever you feel the urge to adorn your walls with something truly unique.

Reflective Wall

large mirrors for unique wall decor ideas
A large mirror will alter viewers perception and make your room look bigger

Mirrors are an excellent tool for making any room look bigger than it really is. They are also great for brightening up a room. So imagine the effect an entire wall of mirror would have! A reflective wall takes all the benefits of a strategically placed mirror and increases it several times. It is one of the most ambitious wall decoration ideas out there; and one of the most unique. Once you buy an apartment, select a wall that is perfect and let it brighten up your home.

Not-so-simple Wallpapers

Cover your home with beautiful wallpapers
You can use beautiful and intricate wallpapers to change the outlook of any room

Wallpaper isn’t really one of the more unique wall decoration ideas when it comes to decorating a wall. However, instead of limiting it to simple or solid designs, think bigger and better. You can find very beautiful and masterfully designed wallpaper that depicts landscape and sceneries. Bring the outside world inside and let your walls adorn your home better than ever before.

The interior of your apartment is a reflection of your taste and your style. You project your likings, desires, inspirations, and your culture through the design of your home. They are also just as much for others as it is for you. Bring uniqueness to your home by applying some unique wall decor ideas.

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