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As the month of April ends, we are back with a list of the top flats for sale in Dhaka that was added to our ever-growing listing database this month. And since mid-sized flats are some of the most sought after property size for homes, we decided to feature the best apartments for sale in Dhaka that are within 1,500 sq. ft. in size. These flats are very affordable and can make for the perfect first home for you and your family.

Splendid 1,360 sq. ft. Flat in Malibagh

malibagh apartment exterior
What makes this apartment one of the best apartments for sale in April is the affordability

We begin with a home that is not too big, but also not too small; it is just right. This three bedrooms three bathroom 1,360 sq. ft. flat in Malibagh area is perfect for a small family of three or four. It is also located in a sweet spot where you’ll get to enjoy the luxury of living near an important connecting point but without the immense sound of living beside the main road.

The building comes with a gorgeous outlook that will instantly put a viewer in a good mood. As for the interior, the three bedrooms provide enough space for you and your family to lead a comfortable life. The best aspect of the property is no doubt the wonderful open balcony that allows natural light and fresh air to fill the home.

Gorgeous 1,470 sq. ft. Flat in Bashundhara R/A

Bashundhara r/a apartment exterior
Enjoy a quiet neighborhood and a tremendous living condition

Everyone knows that Bashundhara R/A is a tremendous place to live. It is a serene locale that offers residents a peaceful, and refreshing living that cannot be matched by any other area in Dhaka. However, it is not just the location of this gorgeous flat that makes this one of the best apartments for sale in Dhaka, but rather what it has to offer.

This 1,470 sq. ft. flat in Bashundhara R/A has an eye-catching design that grabs the attention of every passerby. Similar to the last entry in this list, the flat has three spacious bedrooms and three bathrooms. Additionally, the property comes with a private parking space for you to store your vehicle. You can expect to have every delight urban life has to offer when you move into this wonderful place.

Convenient 1,400 sq. ft. flat in Maghbazar

Maghbazar building exterior
Gulshan, Tejgaon, Malibagh; everything can be reached in a short time from here

Hatirjheel is a popular destination for recreation. It is also a great short cut to avoid some of the biggest traffic jams in Dhaka. Now imagine living just 2 minutes away from this convenient location. Live in one of the most opportune locations with this 1,400 sq. ft. flat in Maghbazar and enjoy utmost convenience.

This delightful apartment offers more bang for your bucks than most others. It is one of the primary reasons for including it in this month’s list of best properties in Dhaka. You’ll get a modern apartment that will offer great amenities, unparalleled convenience, and quick mobility. The apartment also comes with an open parking space that makes sure you don’t have to park in the street. Make this place your own and live a delightful life.

Lovely 1,200 sq. ft. flat in Niketan

NIketan building exterior
Niketan offers affordable living in an upscale neighborhood

Last, but not least, we top of this list of the best apartments for sale in Dhaka with this lovely 1,200 sq. ft. flat in Niketan. This is perfect for anyone who wants to live in an upscale neighborhood but on a limited budget. The flats residents will enjoy all the perks of living in a gated community and the accessibility of Gulshan altogether.

The property comes with three cozy bedrooms and durable fittings throughout the property. Spacious kitchen makes cooking a delight for any culinary aficionado. The building also has a 24/7 security service that allows its residents to sleep without worry. The property also comes with a large parking space for your vehicle.

There you have it. The very best apartments for sale in Dhaka that are very affordable. Any of these mid-sized flats will a good fit for you and your family. And if you are looking for a home of a different sort, head over to to browse thousands of verified properties throughout the city.


  1. Moztaba Haider Chowdhury

    I am interested about Niketon. Can you tell me more like parkinng, utilities, price?

  2. Toufiq Mahmud

    I want to buy a flat at mirpur area. Near mirpur 1, Mazar-Road, Lalkuthi. If you have any suitable flat please let me know.
    My contact address: 01716797599

  3. Hi Mr Chowdhury,
    We’re happy to hear about your interest. Please contact us through our Facebook page or call us at our Hotline to speak to our team. They will direct you to an expert on the area so that all your questions may be answered in time. Thanks for being with us.
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  4. Hello Mr Mahmud,
    We currently don’t have any listings in the Lalkuthi area, though we add hundreds of new listings to our database everyday. Contact us on our Facebook page or call our Hotline and ask for an expert in the Mirpur area. The team can then understand your requirements and look for an apartment that suites your needs.

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  5. Mamun Rocky

    Interested in the 1,200 SQ. FT. FLAT IN NIKETAN. I need full details, price & all.

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