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Cleaning windows may sound like a chore to many, but it plays an important role in making your home beautiful. Windows let light from outside shine in and brighten up the home, adding a sparkle to it. The right windows can adorn your home with any look you want; be it vintage, professional, or elegant. Cleaning your windows on a regular basis will keep your home feeling new and wonderful. So, the only question is, what is the best way to clean windows? Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Lay Down Old Cloths

several towles of different colors
The first step to clean windows is to take a precautionary step

The best way to clean windows is to first lay down some old cloths around the window you are about to clean. These cloths work as safety items in case water or cleaning solutions drip down from the windows and onto your floors. Placing just a few small cloths around the window, or one big cloth should be enough. They should be enough to absorb any incoming liquid, saving you the trouble of having a messy home.

Step 2: Dry Clean First

Several brushes on display
For spotless cleaning of windows, you need to take care of the dust first

No, I’m not talking about laundry techniques or dry cleaners per se; rather I’m talking about using ‘non-liquid’ methods. Take a brush and start dusting the windows and frames. We live in a city that is growing by the minute, and in urban landscapes, windows tend to accumulate more dirt and dust than other places. You might wonder why the need to dust off dirt separately at the beginning. The accumulated dirt tends to become a muddy mess when it comes in contact with water or cleaning solution; which in turn can also leave streaks on the window that might be difficult to clean afterwards.

Step 3: Start with Soap Water

a bucket of soapy water
Soapy water is easy to make and easy to use on windows

After you are done with dusting the window with a brush, it’s time to start the main cleaning process. This is the part we picture when thinking of cleaning windows. We imagine soapy water, a squeegee, and wet windows. Many experts recommend against using store-bought window cleaners and instead suggest using a home-brew. Mix a liter of water and a teaspoon of dish washer to create a window cleaning solution. It is best if you use a microfiber cloth to clean the windows instead of towels. The cloth is very absorbent, reusable, and makes the glass streak-free & shiny.

Pit-Stop: Top to Bottom or Side to Side?

Direction lightning rod
How to clean windows? Horizontally or vertically?

Before we continue on with the best way to clean windows, I think we need to answer one very important question, which direction to take when wiping windows. Many people struggle with this. They can’t decide which route to take, should they wipe horizontally, vertically, or just go random. Unfortunately, there’s no scientific method to this madness. However, many suggest wiping vertically when dry and horizontally when wet. That way, you’ll know if streak appears as it happens.

Step 4: Vinegar to the Rescue

a cup of vinegar and the bottle
The vinegar solution is a ‘must-need’ item for spotless cleaning of windows

Vinegar is truly a wonderful item. It can help you get rid of bad smells from home, stave off bugs, and help you clean pesky spots on windows. The acidic composition of vinegar, while non-toxic to us, can quickly kill germs and break down stubborn spots. So once done with cleaning the window with soapy water, do a second round of cleaning with a vinegar solution. Mix one part vinegar into one part hot water to create this solution.

Step 5: Clean Up Excess Water

sponges and a towel
Wipe off any water to prevent streaks

The last step is to take care of the excess water. That means, wiping every inch of the window and leaving no drop behind. Don’t wait for it to dry off on its own as that will leave stains. Take a warm cloth, either microfiber or paper towel, and wipe away the remaining water. This will ensure you get the best cleaning possible and a shiny, dazzling window.

There you have it, the best way to clean windows. With these easy to follow steps, keeping your windows spotless will be easy. And with all the values that a window adds to our home, taking the effort to make them nice is the least we can do.

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