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Every year in Dhaka, a huge real estate fair consisting of hundreds of participating businesses takes place with its doors open to the public. The 5-day fair is an open invitation to anyone interested in a multitude of real estate matters to come and directly interact with the leading members of the industry. And where there is real estate, there is Bproperty. But what exactly did Bproperty do at the REHAB Winter Fair 2019? Let’s have a look.

Bproperty Presence

bproperty stall
The beautiful stalls really captured some attention

Bproperty took part in the event in a massive way. There were 159 participating businesses at the fair where most had one stall while some had 3 stalls. Bproperty on the other hand, decided to take up 13 stalls to maximize their reach and support to anyone who needed a property solution.

The huge spread out of beautifully designed Bproperty stalls catering to various needs, be it different areas of the country or financial and legal services, ensured everyone felt welcome to come and share their experiences, discover new homes, or find solutions to existing troubles.

Great Interactions

group discussion
Discussions kept the guests’ questions answered

The physical presence at such a large venue offered a welcoming opportunity for people to come and speak with the top real estate experts in the country. Various brochures were available covering our top projects that consumers could look through and ask our experts about. Visitors of the stalls could also look through our enormous database of secondary listings to choose from.

Other opportunities were for guests to have all their real estate related legal questions answered. And because of our partnership with various leading banks, Bproperty could direct visitors in the right direction if their concerns were of a financial nature.

Our Offers

Explaining the offers only added to their appeal

Among the multiple offers at the venue, Bproperty offered some undeniably attractive deals. For the primary project sector, Bproperty was offering 10% off of per square feet pricing for anyone purchasing a Rightway Airport Plaza apartment from the venue.

For those interested in land, however, there was another special offer. Consumers could purchase land at the Bproperty Village with a 5% discount per katha and receive 50% cashback on their booking money if purchased at the venue.

The Feedback

venue gathering
Many people were present and many had a lot to say

As one could expect, having all your real estate problems be met at one place garnered quite a positive response. Guests loved the stalls, the services provided and the offers available. And they let us know they did with the engagement, gratitude and their smiles. Our presence in online marketing was well known to many and they let us know clearly that they appreciate our presence at a physical venue outside the office.

Our participation at the REHAB Winter Fair 2019 was not our first and definitely not our last, but it was very educational for us. Bproperty cherishes every opportunity to work closely with the people of the country so that we can learn better about their needs and serve them to a higher degree. Bproperty is, after all, a one stop real estate solutions provider.

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