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Urban Dhaka is a city of apartments. The current real estate scene has allowed for flats of various facilities and accommodation capabilities with many exclusive projects popping up across the city. However, real estate is a big investment. So the decision to either buy or sell apartments is taken after much thought and deliberation. Both buyers and sellers need to be aware of several aspects before they can come to a decision. That is why the topic of the inaugural episode of Bproperty Talks is ‘Apartment Buying and Selling’.

In this episode, Bproperty’s General Manager, Rejbeen Ahsan, sits down to answer all the leading questions and queries about apartment buying and selling; which includes setting & negotiating apartment prices, whether a ready or under construction flat, agreeing on a handover date, trusting developers, and much more.

Episode 1: Apartment Buying and Selling

There you have it; answers to major questions about apartment buying and selling that people ask Bproperty every now and then. Spreading real estate awareness is just as important as providing service and support. That is why Bproperty Talks is here to answer the most frequently asked real estate questions and help people learn more about the sector.

So stay tuned for future episodes and if you are looking for answers to specific questions not mentioned in the video, comment below!


  1. Mohammed Alamgir Hossain

    Really Fantastic information about property.

  2. Mohammed Alamgir Hossain

    We also want to Plot Information video in your website as like apartment information video.

  3. Thank you for your interest, Sir.

    our property experts will answer all the leading questions related to plot and land in an upcoming Bproperty Talks episode. So please stay tuned for future episodes and find a wealth of information on plots.

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