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It is almost impossible to find people who don’t like to have a little bit of food in their life. Some people have a great appetite for food, some just want to try different cuisines, and there are some who consider food as an art. But if you are someone who considers themselves all of the above, then a buffet restaurant is the place to be in. But that is not the only reason, from parties, weddings, get-togethers to family outings, a buffet is great for everything. And there is no shortage of it. But that also begs the question: which ones are the best? To that end, we took three things into consideration: quality and uniqueness of the food, overall service, and price and carved a list of the best buffet restaurants in Dhaka.

The Buffet Stories: The budget champion

buffet stories
The buffet stories offer quality food at an affordable rate

When it comes to having a buffet meal, most people prefer to go to a place that offers most items but at a reasonable price. The Buffet Stories is no exception. There are plenty of restaurants that also offer a variety of items at an affordable price but what takes the cake for this restaurant is the food quality and service. This, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the best value-for-money buffet restaurants in Dhaka right now.

With 90+ items at BDT 699, The Buffet Restaurant offers quality foods with unlimited soft drinks of your choice. They offer Chinese, Indian, and Deshi cuisines but the main highlight, in my opinion, is their beef and mutton rezala. The aromatic essence of the curry has a very unique taste to it but it is the bite-sized succulent pieces of meat that make your mouth water. They just melt in your mouth. They also have a live kabab station with four different types of kabab that will be served directly to your table upon your wish.

So if you are someone who is looking for a budget buffet restaurant with great food and service, The Buffet Stories will not disappoint. However, be sure to make a reservation first if you are planning to have lunch or dinner on the weekend. Rest assured, you will be left with the best impression.

Garlic ‘n Ginger: Sprinkle of flavors

Garlic 'n Ginger For a Perfect Buffet
One of the best buffet restaurants in Dhaka with unique cuisines

There is hardly any buffet restaurant in the mid-to-high price segment that is as good as Garlic ‘n Ginger. The sheer variety of food offered by this buffet restaurant is incomparable to any restaurant of a similar price range. At BDT 1,200, you will get over 100+ delectable multi-cuisine items with lots of flavors. From oriental to continental they have it all. But their Nehari is, hands-down, the most delicious item on the menu. The broth is very thick and creamy, just the way it should. Also, their seafood Bar-B-Q is something to die for. 

Garlic ‘n Ginger has gained the reputation of being among the best buffet restaurants in Dhaka for maintaining a high standard when it comes to food and service. Whether you are considering bringing your entire family out for an impeccable dining experience or you are planning for a get-together, this place will provide you a great experience. All in all, this is a must-visit if you are up for a delectable multi-cuisine buffet experience.

The Great Kabab Factory: For a Nawabi feast

the great kabab factory
The great kabab factory is a great option for those who want the most authentic nawabi feast in the city

Up for having a completely unique buffet experience? The Great Kabab Factory is there to give you that experience. What makes The Great Kabab Factory stand out from the rest is its unique presentation and serving style. They call it the “table buffet”. The idea is simple, after having a seat in the restaurant, one of their extremely professional servants will come and start serving you the food straight from the kitchen, not from the chafing dishes. It makes sense considering most people prefer their food warm and fresh.

Now about the food. There is nothing more soothing than hearing the sizzling sound of your food while watching them being served to you. That being said, each and every one of the kebabs are so delicious and mouth-watering that they all deserved to have their own article. But you can’t go wrong with the goloti kebab, murg malai tikka, mutton shik kabab, and tandoori chicken. Every time when you take a bite from one of these, it’s a party in your mouth. Calling goloti kebab is delicious, for instance, would be an understatement. It just melts in your mouth leaving you with a taste to take another bite. 

However, there are other mouth-watering dishes other than kebab including Lucknow special nehari, dahi papri chaat, shahi Hyderabadi biriyani, alu chaat masala, and nine different types of naan-rooti. All these foods are delicious and have a balanced taste to them. Nothing overpowers nothing. In total, there are 75+ items of food and costs only BDT 1,200 per person.

Le Meridian: For the most exotic buffet experience

le meridain
With delicate dishes and mesmerizing atmosphere Le Meridain offers you the most exotic buffet experience.

Nothing tops Le Meridien when it comes to the most exotic buffet experience in Dhaka. Now it can be argued that other 5-star restaurants offer more items at a similar price. And that might be true but it is the overall experience that sets Le Meridien apart from the rest. Having that said, if you haven’t visited Le Meridian for a buffet before, it would surely be a magical experience for you.

The entire buffet arena of Le Meridian is decorated like a museum. There are dedicated food corners specific to either different items or different types of food (e.g. oriental, continental, western, etc.). But you will find the salad bar most interesting where you will be able to make your own salad with a chef. You just select the items you want in your salad and a chef will prepare it for you.

It’s a 5-star restaurant so expect nothing less than a 5-star service with delectable and mouth-watering dishes. Everything is neatly organized and there is always someone to assist you along the way. There are several dishes that stand out including the roasted premium beef brisket and koral fish which are cut up-front. However, it is the dessert that will leave you leaking your finger including different types of ice cream. But this premium experience comes at a premium price. That is to say, it will cost BDT 5,000 per person to have a buffet there. Also, they only offer a buffet during dinner which opens at 6:30 pm and closes at 11:30 pm.

Yes, there are other great buffet restaurants in the city that didn’t make the list for the sake of keeping the article short. However, these are the best buffet restaurants in Dhaka so that you can choose the right one according to your budget at every price point.

Tell us about your favorite buffet experience in the comments section below. We would love to hear them.

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