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You need a lot of preparations before shifting apartments and having an idea about how much it might cost will definitely help. As such, we have prepared a three-part series to provide you with a general idea about the cost of moving apartments in Dhaka. In the first part we talked about the transportation cost of shifting apartments. In the second part of the series, we’ll be discussing movers and taking a look at the options that are available when looking for movers and how much they might cost you.

Friends and Family

Carrying boxes
Your friends and family will be more careful when moving things than others

When considering the cost of moving apartments, we begin with the most inexpensive option; your friends and family. In fact, it doesn’t cost you a thing except for maybe treating them to lunch or dinner. However, since there are usually many items in your flat; moving them can be hard work. That is why the more people you have, the better.

Your friends and family are the ultimate movers who will also assist you during packing and unpacking your household items. They usually don’t require much incentive other than to just help you out. Or in the case of immediate family members who live with you, it becomes their obligation to help you out. While you or someone in your group might be adept as movers due to experience beforehand, it is highly unlikely the skill necessary would be the same as a professional’s. Even if you have someone with vast prior experience, not all of you will be on the same level. In most cases, the move will go slowly and clumsily. So when you use your friends and family as movers, you trade swiftness for doing it free of cost.

Hired Help

boxes on trollley
It is wise to negotiate a deal before finalizing the service charge of movers

Hiring semi-professional movers when shifting homes is the most common go-to solution for many Bangladeshi people. These hired helpers are contracted and are only limited to moving your furniture and other things to their designated places in your new flat. So it’s up to you to make sure everything is packed and ready to be shifted. Also, these semi-professional movers are usually equipped to handle only local moves within a city. So other arrangements are needed if you are to move to a new city.

Most movers, however, come as a packaged deal along with transportation. This package is actually preferred by many when shifting homes as separate arrangements for vehicles don’t have to be made. While you can hire just movers when shifting homes, they can be hard to come by. And even if you can find them, most of them lack the necessary experience for handling such a task and may accidentally break objects. Hiring such help can cost you as little as BDT 500 per mover.

But if you are looking to hire more experienced semi-professionals when shifting homes, the overall cost of moving apartments will be a bit higher. The cost depends mostly on the type of transportation and number of movers along with the distance and number of objects in the home. So, if you want to get a van and two movers, you can complete the move for less than BDT 2,500. Or if you prefer pickups, then it would cost around BDT 1,000 per mover with additional transportation charges; which can total up to more than BDT 4,000. Going for mini trucks and movers, on the other hand, can cost more than BDT 10,000.

Moving Services

stack of boxes
Full-service movers are equipped to take care of the entire process

The popularity of professional moving services is on the rise; both for shifting homes and office shifting. That is because these services offer a more organized and swift moving process as well as a complete solution. You can either hand over the entire responsibility of shifting to them or pick individual services that they offer. However, hiring their full service makes a move much more convenient. Moreover, with their availability of resources, they can also help you move to any part of the country. But all this functionality also means a higher cost of moving apartments.

A common complaint about moving services is that they don’t always use very experienced movers. Nevertheless, they do offer insurance and will compensate customers if anything breaks or is lost. Moving services determine cost based on the size of apartments, levels the new and current flat are in, distance and number of items to being shifted. On top of all of this, they also add a service charge.

As such, the cost of moving apartments is higher with professional movers than with other types of movers. They’ll take into account the previously mentioned aspects and then provide you with a customized quote. If you enlist transportation service along with movers, the cost will, no doubt, be more than BDT 10,000. That number can go up depending on the services and features you are availing from them.

Moving objects from one place to another is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort and time to ensure every item in your home is moved safely. Whether buying an apartment or renting it, make sure to get the right movers to minimize your cost of moving apartments and help you make a smooth transition.

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