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Old will be replaced by new, this is the law of nature but in some cases, there happen to be exceptions to this rule. This time the exception occurred with the Daak Bhaban building. Dhaka GPO was about 70 years old and lacked functionality and space. But the expansion of the building was also not possible for several specific reasons and Dhaka GPO needed a new head office. Something that will cheer the staff member and help them get motivated every day. And the authority did exactly that. The current post office headquarters is a modern and aesthetically beautiful building that is built in the form of a pillar-style mailbox from the British era. Today we will discuss all the interesting aspects of Daak Bhabon in this article.

Things that you will find in the building

Features of Daak Bhabon
Daak Bhabon has an auditorium, daycare center, cafeteria, and many more amenities

Located in the heart of the bustling administrative zone of Agargaon, Daak Bhabon is painted in dark red. Many people stop and take a second to properly grasp the beauty of the building while walking past it. The majority of them are regular office goers and patients who come to treat their family members and relatives or to be treated in the top-notch hospitals in Agargoan and Sher-E-Bangla Nagar.

But there is an option to visit the building and see all the interesting features. As soon as you enter, you will see huge stamps carved on the wall. There is a collection of postage stamps. From the British period to the present, you will find every type of stamp available. If you are a stamp collector then, this is a must-visit for you. Not only stamps but also some important historical events in the history of Bangladesh have been beautifully portrayed here. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, four national leaders, seven great heroes of our nation, you will find everyone there. The history of the liberation war has also been portrayed beautifully. 

Entrance of Daak Bhabhon
The entrance of Daak Bhabhon is adorned with a fountain

But why is it built like a post box? This idea came from Sudhanshu Shekhar Bhadra, Director General of the Postal Department. He wanted the design to be recognizable and people could tell in an instant what it was. The architecture of the building was designed by architect Kaushik Biswas. He has done his best to highlight the cultural relationship of Bangladesh with the mailbox.

Although it looks like a post box, the 14-storey building is equipped with everything. The building has been constructed on a quarter of an acre of land at an estimated cost of Tk 91.63 crore. The newly constructed post office building has a well-equipped and rich library, modern postal museum, spacious auditorium, cafeteria, day-care center, medical facilities, biometric security system, and WiFi facility.

During your visit

It has captured a lot of people’s attention since its completion. And now people came to visit the building every day. In front of the building, you will find a lot of street food on either side of the road. You can sit there with your family and friends to spend some time together. Also, this place is close to areas with the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka. So if you want to have a unique meal with your family and loved ones, that is not very far away either. The entire area is beautifully planned and there are many beautiful architectural structures throughout the area. And you can stroll through the streets to visit all of them at once.

Daak Bhabon is a remarkable building with amazing architectural features. It embodies the age-old mail culture that was once considered as the primary means of communication. And soon this building will become one of the most iconic buildings in Dhaka. Visit the place if you want to feel good about the time that you spent in the past.

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