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It’s not an easy task to plan, outline and execute a wedding event. “What will be the color of the saree of the bride?”, “ Who will do her makeup?” “The Pagri of the groom must be delicate.” “The decor of the “Dala” is a point of contention.” Starting from the youngest member of the family to the eldest – these concerns can be overwhelming. But your favorite house is always neglected in between these. Your house has a cluster of memories encompassed in every little corner and room. Most of these wedding receptions happen in Chinese restaurants or in community centers, and henceforth As a result, the house is given a lot less priority. But we need to recognize that the guests always visit your house during weddings. So why not decorate your house to give the entire space the essence of the wedding? We bring you the best wedding home decor ideas. 

If someone is planning to arrange a homely marriage ceremony, it is important to arrange your house by utilizing some hassle-free techniques. Let’s take a look at what we have for you.


Marigold flower in a garden
Marigold flower

Since it’s a wedding, the house will be filled with guests. And everyone will sit in the drawing-room. Therefore, the drawing-room must imbue the essence of the wedding ceremony. How do you bring such essence? It’s not a nitty-gritty task. You can do it all by yourself with the decor elements from your house. 

If you can collect multicolored sarees from the female members of your house, you can hang those on the walls. Additionally, you can also hang some rosary or garlands of different white flowers. The floral decor will give it an added essence. Now you will feel the difference throughout the entire room. It will start to display the essence of the wedding. 


Blurry photo of string light
String light

During marriage ceremonies, it is very usual for the house to be full of guests. As a result, a suitable place for chit-chat can barely be found. That is why, to get some solace and a calm environment, they will generally go to the rooftop. So the rooftop also needs to be decorated. These days, people tend to take a lot of pictures and selfies and so the rooftop can be a very good option. That is why it is important to decorate it in order to provide the essence of the marriage event to the rooftop as well. So how do you decorate it? You can find different kinds of lights such as string lights in the market. You can choose a variety of those lights and place them in different corners of your rooftop. It will create a delightful realm and aura as well as a vibrant ceremonious vibe. 


Flowers made from papers
Flower origami

During the wedding, this room is used the most. The family members, as well as the guests, use this room for convenience. This room is used by the guests to store their luggage and other objects. That is why this room requires a decor that will sustain for quite a long time. Flower origami can be a very good option. Anyone can find these in any home decor shop. You don’t need to work hard for this. lower origami and garlands are always readymade in those shops. Just choose specific colors. You can easily hang those in the guestroom entrance or the window rails. This is a super effective method of decorating your guest room and also saves your time. 


Fairy lights focused photography
Fairy lights

This room is quite important. During the wedding, this room is stored with valuable items. It is important to decorate this room in such a way that it doesn’t look odd, haphazard – the decor must sustain for a longer period as well. That is why you need to light up your bedroom. You can find different kinds of lights, including fairy lights, in the market. Buy those of different colors and decorate your house with them. These will give you a dreamland like lighting and will serve the purpose of the entire occasion.

Since the wedding ceremony is the busiest and tiring of all the ceremonies, you need to prepare during this time, be it you or your house. Since you have a good amount of tips in hand now, execute them when the time comes. How did you like these tips? Which ones did you like the most? Do let us know in the comment section. 

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