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Rabindra Sarobar in Dhanmondi has been one of the most prominent places to hang out that has a multiplicity of things to offer. You can bring your family members or meet your friends up during the weekends at this place. This place is the cultural hub of the entire area of Dhanmondi. People from all around the city gather here for relaxation and exultation. Let’s take a stroll around this place. 

History of Rabindra Sarobar

Rabindra Sarobar
The amphitheater- commonly known as “Rabindra Sarobar”

Rabindra Sarobar is basically an amphitheater. It is a semi-circular or oval infrastructure with a central space surrounded by tiers of seats for spectators. The central space is for the presentation of dramatics and other events. The inspiration for such architectural brilliance traces back to the ancient Greek or Roman theatres (of Sophocles and others). Therefore, the ancient prodigy of theatrical manifestation reflects the entire place. Hence, the Grecian architecture represents the times of the thousand years old civilization.

The historical Dhanmondi Lake surrounds Rabindra Sarobar. The lake was originally a dead channel of the Karwan Bazar River and was connected to the Turag River. In the year 1956, Dhanmondi started developing as a prominent residential area. During that time, in the core development plan, about 16% of the total area of Dhanmondi was designated for the lake. Rabindra Sarobar marks the central area of not only the lake but also the entirety of Dhanmondi.    

The picturesque events and occasions at Rabindra Sarobar

Being a cultural paradigm of the city, Rabindra Sarobar hosts multiple events on different important days and occasions. People gather on several special occasions and national holidays. In the Bengali New Year or Pahela Boishakh, the largest gathering happens. Several reputed cultural institutes like Shilpakala Academy, Chhayanaut Biddyaniketon, Bangladesh Shishu Academy, etc. organize day-long programs during Victory Day, Independence Day, Ekushey February, etc.  In short, this place has emerged as one of the most culturally and historically important places in Dhaka. 

The chronological view of Rabindra Sarobar

Dhanmondi Lake
The day at Dhanmondi Lake starts with the picturesque view of nature

Each and every day, Rabindra Sarobar wakes up early in the morning with the energetic thumping and jumping of the people of “Poromayu Sangha” (an organization of retired people). These people gather at the stage to perform several fitness exercises. The food courts start to open and the guardians of many children gather here after leaving their wards in school. They have a good chit-chat with each other accompanied by coffee, tea, and shingara. The afternoon abounds in the bleakness. People of all ages start gathering in the evening. Henceforth, the generation gap begins to evaporate. In a word, the aesthetic realm of the amphitheater in conglomeration with nature uplifts the cheerful vibe of the place. 

Delicious food courts at Rabindra Sarobar 

You can always find fresh and meal at nearby restaurants and cafe

Rabindra Sarobar offers a wide range of foods. There are many famous food stalls namely, Kabab Bari, Bachelor’s Point and Bihari Kabab House. Also “Dingi Boat Club and Cafe” is a luxurious dine-in restaurant just beside it. The most prominent items here are the Chicken Chaap, Mogoj Chaap, Gorur Chaap, etc. Also, Elachi milk tea and different kinds of fruit juices are special items. The taste of the fresh foods, therefore, adds an extra tidbit to the entirety of the place.


Dhanmondi 8 no bridge
You can always reach Rabindra Sarobar easily after crossing the Dhanmondi 8 number bridge

The location of Rabindra Sarobar is right next to the Dhanmondi Lake. You can get there after crossing the waterfront bridge of Dhanmondi 8 if you are traveling through the Kalabagan or Green Road routes. Also, if you are traveling through Dhanmondi 27, you can easily get there through Dhanmondi 6/A, 7/A, and 9/A. To reach there, get on any bus that is headed towards Dhanmondi, Kalabagan or Jigatola.

You can visit Rabindra Sarobar on any weekend. So when are you planning to visit there? Do let us know in the comments section below.  

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