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The door lock is what keeps your house secure and your valuables safe when you are away from home. This is why it is important that you choose the best door locks for your home. Otherwise, you may suffer from property theft and damage. It will help protect not only your home but also your office as well. There are different types of door locks to choose from. But which one should you get for yourself? Today’s article is here to solve that problem for you. We will be discussing the various types of door locks available and their functions!

Door lock
There’s no alternative to the door lock

Types Of Door Locks

Knob Locks

This is one of the most common types of door locks that you will find anywhere in the world. Knob Locks can be found in hardware stores at reasonable prices. You will see them mostly in homes and offices. But its prevalence is also its weakness. Since it’s readily available everywhere, knob locks are also one of the easiest to crack open. So, it isn’t recommended for usage in commercial spaces.

Cam Locks

This lock can mostly be seen in storage spaces and cabinets. Most of the mechanism of the lock is towards the inside of the cabinet. And it’s mostly used in furniture. You can open these locks by rotating the key clockwise or counterclockwise.

Deadbolt Locks

These locks provide the best protection against any and all forms of theft and burglary. These locks have a mechanism that work without any springs. With a deadbolt lock, you can leave your house without worry as they cannot be broken or pried apart with any ordinary tool. There are three different types of deadbolt locks – Single, Double, and C. With the single deadbolt lock, you can only rotate it in one direction to open. Double deadbolt locks can be turned in any direction. And with the thumb turn feature, you could lock it from the inside as well. This makes it the perfect lock to protect your home.


This is the most common form of lock in the world. It can be used to lock anything, not just doors. The best part about a padlock is, unlike most other door locks,  it isn’t attached to the thing it is locking. It can be removed from the door and be used somewhere else. They are inexpensive and easy to find anywhere. They also come in many different variations, the most common of which just feature a key. There’s also padlocks with codes and smart padlocks that unlock with Bluetooth.

Door Lock
You should have knowledge of the different types of door locks

Mortise Locks

Compared to most of the other types of door locks, mortise locks are very strong. This makes it one of the most common locks for the entrance doors in homes. These locks come in light and heavy variants. Most mortise locks feature a knob or lever, and a cylindrical body.

Lever Handle Locks

These are the types of door locks that you would see in most doors inside of people’s homes. And it makes sense to use lever handle locks, as they are easier to open when compared to knobs. This comes in handy in the case that there is someone with a disability at home.

Euro Profile Cylinders

The euro profile cylinder is another popular lock that is seen in both homes and offices. These are mostly found in glass doors and doors that connect two rooms. Euro cylinders also come in different types, including single, double, and the thumb turn cylinder. These are also used in conjunction with other locks as a combination of locks in entrance doors.

Smart Locks

We’re in the digital age now, and this has also impacted the industry of locks. Smart locks are in-trend now, with many companies offering numerous variations of such locks. These locks can be remote-controlled, voice-controlled, and can also use geofencing, biometrics, and even be connected to smartphones. But for these locks to function, they need to be connected to Wi-Fi, otherwise, they won’t work. Keep in mind that these locks are quite expensive when compared to most other options. This is why they’re mostly used in offices.

How To Choose The Correct Lock

Door Lock
Choose the door lock that would suit your need the best

Now, we have gained knowledge of the different types of door locks that are available for you to buy. And by now, you will have gained a good understanding of where to use which type of lock. Remember that office doors and home entrances would require strong locks that are hard to break into, as these are the doors that need to be the most secure.

Don’t just focus on the main entrance door when thinking of door locks. The master bedroom is another place where we keep valuables with us, so be sure to keep it secure with a strong and sturdy lock. Also, keep the budget in mind as the different types of door locks come at various prices. The internet is a great place to research the prices of these locks. In case you want to use smart locks, do thorough research on the types of smart locks, and then decide which one is the best for you. For more content like this, stay up to date with our Bproperty blog!

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