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Bproperty is evolving at a rapid pace. Years of experience have given us valuable insights into the property industry of Bangladesh and have helped us to address more problems over the years. And we are continually adding new products and services into our wide array of services to solve those problems. Bproperty Assist is our latest addition. Through Bproperty Assist, we are offering home maintenance and shifting services at a very competitive price and with options to customize the service packages to your likings. In the following, we will discuss our goal, the problems we are trying to solve, and the services that we are offering. 

Our aim

The primary goal of Bproperty’s home maintenance and shifting service is to make life easier and hassle-free, all the while ensuring the proper safety and security of the entire process. In other words, we are offering a complete solution for your home shifting and home maintenance needs.

Other than reducing the hassle and direct physical effort, the greatest benefit of opting for Bproperty’s home maintenance and shifting service is that it saves you precious time and relieves you from unnecessary tension. When it comes to maintaining a house, it is a hassle that most people want to avoid. And the process of home shifting is nothing less than a nightmare in Dhaka. Our aim is to make all these processes as hassle-free as possible with minimum effort.

Problems we are trying to solve

The problems we are trying to solve are so common and recurrent that it becomes a matter of concern and can cause stress or anxiety. Dhaka is a home of almost 9 million people and almost 80% of them live in a rented house. Meaning moving from one place to another is a common practice among city dwellers. But the process is not easy and certainly not smooth in Dhaka or any part of Bangladesh for that matter. People have to go through a tremendous amount of physical labor just to pack and unpack their belongings. Then they have to search for proper transportation and go through the same hassle again after reaching their new home. Meaning home shifting is a problem that needs to be solved with proper execution and accuracy.

Home maintenance is another arduous job that creates more problems than any other issue in Dhaka. There are a lot of home appliances and furniture that need regular maintenance in order for them to function properly. Also, keeping your house neat and clean, especially your bathrooms and kitchen are very important if you don’t want to make your house inviting to diseases. Doing all these things requires an extensive amount of time and energy which can be difficult for everyone to manage.

These are the problems that we are trying to solve by offering world-class home maintenance and shifting service at their disposal.

Home maintenance

Bproperty Assist home maintenance
We offer a wide range of home maintenance services from cleaning to electrical work

Currently, we are offering cleaning services, electrical work, AC servicing, and washing machine servicing under our home maintenance service scheme. We started with the most common type of home maintenance services but have plans to proliferate that even further in the future. Under our cleaning service scheme, we offer floor cleaning, sofa cleaning, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, glass cleaning, water tank cleaning, or entire home cleaning. Or you can customize your services the way you like. Other than AC servicing, and washing machine servicing, we also offer electrical work. From light installation to IPS servicing, we will tackle all kinds of electrical hassles for you.

Home shifting

Bproperty Assist: Home shifting
Bproperty’s home shifting service offers you a complete package with competitive pricing

Like we mentioned earlier, home shifting is a lot of work. During home shifting, you have to be careful about everything; furniture dismantling, packing, electrical work, plumbing, and so on. But you don’t have to worry about anything if you opt for our home shifting service. Our complete home shifting service will take care of everything for you. With our deft technicians and skilled works, we offer world-class service to our customers. From organizing and packing all your belongings to unpacking and assembling them, our workers will manage everything professionally while ensuring the safety and security of your possessions.

Price chart

Here is a price chart for everything that we discussed earlier

Service Starting price in BDT
Cleaning 800
Electrical Work 500
AC servicing 600
Washing machine servicing 600
Home Shifting 4990


With our top-of-the-line services, we sought to make everyone’s life a bit easier. Our dedicated customer care service will help you sort your needs and guide you through accordingly. All in all, with Bproperty’s home maintenance and moving services we are offering a complete package of everything.

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