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Jahangirnagar University was named after the previous name of Dhaka, i.e., Jahangirnagar. The name pays homage to the Mughal emperor Nur-Ud-din Muhammad Salim aka Jahangir, and the then Subedar of Bengal, Islam Khan of Mughal Bangla. Situated 32 km away from and on the outskirts of Dhaka city, this campus has retained its vintage absolutism with pride and glory. The entire campus is surrounded by freshwater bodies, thousands of birches and shrubs, deciduous as well as evergreen trees, flowers, and fauna, wildlife, migratory birds, butterflies, and so on. The buildings of Jahangirnagar University are fascinating red-bricked architectural sights adding the beautiful infrastructural design in contemplation with nature.    

জাহাঙ্গীরনগর বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়
A city of the maze.

The Anatomy of The Maze 

Jahangirnagar University can appear to be a maze due to its very complex design for visiting this place for the first time. This maze can be elucidated by simplistic cartographic demarcation. Let’s divide the area into 6 major categories: 

  1. The Dairy Gate and the Tarzan Point to the Central Shaheed Minar 
  2. The Prantik Gate to the Old Arts Building  
  3. The Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall Gate to the Wazed Miah Science Research Centre
  4. The Bottola to Nawab Faizunnessa Hall
  5. New Arts Building to London Bridge/Transport/Mohua Chottor
  6. The VC House to the Bishmile Gate

These are the major entry points of the campus. Other than these, the campus is surrounded by Islamnagar on the North-Western Side, Gerua on the West, Radio Colony, and Jamshing on the South West, and at the Northernmost part, there is Pandhowa Bazar, CMP, and Pathalia. All these are developing residential areas.  

Varieties of foods 

At Jahangirnagar University, you can have hundreds of choices of foods. Starting from the Dairy Gate, which caters to breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, to Bottola, food is served 24/7, even on holidays. The smell of fresh food is always rejuvenating around these places. There are also multiple fast-food joints around the campus at Prantik Gate and Gerua Bazar. The Bottola has 50+ food catering shades where you can enjoy maximum varieties. There are tea and grocery stalls at different important campus points from where you can buy regular stuff.

The natural habitat

A natural habitat of flora and fauna.

The scenic view at the onset of sunshine beside a lake is the most beautiful thing you will rise to. Notwithstanding that, you will be amazed by the ruptures of flora and fauna, as well as the beauty of water beds here. Moreover, the water bodies are covered with green, moist water hyacinths, covered with fresh algae carpets. These are the most favorite habitats of migratory birds visiting the campus during winter. The botanical garden and the butterfly park are the main attractions for people interested in researching nature. 

An amalgamation of multifarious culture

Shaheed Minar at JU.

At Jahangirnagar University, students from all around the country come here to pursue their higher studies. As a result, there is a very high conglomeration of cultural influx. People from all aspects of life work here and maintain an ecstatic environment. There are always people engaged in several cultural activities all around the year. Additionally, multiple faculties and institutes with a wide range of subjects integrate into the cultural dynamics and incorporate an intellectual conundrum. 

The National Memorial 

জাতীয় স্মৃতিসৌধ
This memorial is a proud representative of our Liberation war in 1971.

The national memorial is only a 3.5 km drive from the campus. The memorial is seven pairs of the concrete infrastructure of triangular towering pillars surrounded by red bricks. Undoubtedly, this represents our glorious history of the liberation war of 1971. Standing in glory with our red-green flag hoisted. You can feel the uneven height and especially the heroic stories of struggle as soon as you cross the monument.

Jahangirnagar University is a place that connects life with nature and culture. Indeed, it is a place that takes you away from the materialistic humdrum of life in the city to an aesthetic jocund. It is henceforth, a place to explore and discover an alternate aspect of your life, surrounded by the charismatic and magical spellbound beauty. 

Take a look at the beautiful aspects of Jahangirnagar and Savar in the following video-

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