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With Chinese New Year drawing closer, it is time to prepare for the thrill and excitement of the celebrations. Traditionally, people clean the house, prepare special food for a feast with their loved ones and, of course, give their home a holiday makeover.

How do you prepare for the Chinese New Year?

In order to welcome new and positive things to your life, remove the unnecessary clutter that takes up space at home. Remember the saying: You cannot pour water in a glass full of sand. It is customary to turn your house upside down to get rid of all dust and, along with it, the previous year’s bad luck. According to Chinese Feng Shui decoration guide, your fresh clean home should also have a pleasant aroma that attracts good luck and enhances the festive mood. Add colorful decorations, perhaps scented candles or other traditional items.

Shiny red Chinese lanterns are an excellent addition to your house décor and the most popular ornaments to spark the celebration. Representing vitality and prosperity, they have become a symbol of the Chinese culture. They are a must have to prepare for the New Year!

Chinese banners and cards also add an authentic feel to your home during the festival. Making them yourself can also be an adventure. Look online for DIY Chinese banners, so that you can make one that is to your liking and decorate the main door or the living room with it.

Do not forget to buy gifts from the market. Decorating your home with “lucky plants” is common in the Chinese culture, and most popular among them are orange trees, branches of cherry blossom and lucky bamboos. These signify luck, renewal of life, positive chi energy respectively. These will add color and art to your holiday-tailored home.

Just like during Christmas, or even Halloween, homes, offices, and shopping centers are decorated for the festival. The decorations should be dazzling enough to captivate people with the magic and energy of the fabulous event.

Once your house has been decorated, all that is left is to get the family together to celebrate a fresh beginning!

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