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Working outside office hours is not a very common phenomenon in Bangladesh. Most professionals prefer to finish all their work within office hours and if needed, spend an extra hour or so to wrap things up; although, the last part is limited to the private sector. However, there are a handful of professions that require being always on call, no matter the time of day, one of them being that of a Bproperty Property Advisor. The professionals working here at Bproperty understand that a client’s preferred time may not be confined to usual working hours. But that doesn’t deter them a bit. Rather, they make it work by following these simple mantras.

Client Needs Come First

keychain house
Our property experts find real estate that exactly matches the clients’ need

As mentioned, there’s no ‘fixed’ time or day when it comes to meeting a client or viewing a property. That’s because clients themselves often need to find free time for these activities. It is our belief that we need to adjust ourselves to fit the client’s schedule. As such, a Bproperty Property Advisor may need to attend a meeting or viewing during the evening, early morning, or even on weekends. And that’s what we do; we do it with a smile. No matter if it’s to rent, buy, or sell, real estate matters are very important. The client’s need is, and will always be, a top priority.

Understand the Client’s Needs

Bproperty at REHAB
We carefully listen to all our clients

Clients always have a specific idea of what they want, consciously or not. Understanding those needs is the most important challenge, regardless of what business you operate. Bproperty takes pride in delivering precise real estate solutions that fulfill all of the clients’ needs and requirements. That is why a Bproperty Property Advisor first invests time to understand the needs before all else. They do that by following a tried and tested procedure. Along with taking documentation of a client’s requirements, our advisors listen to their story, reason, and purpose behind the decision. This helps advisors perform their duty better and can lead to uncovering aspects that even the client may not be aware of.

Keep It Short and Simple

stacks of files
Our documentation are precise and effective

Documentation is necessary to keep accurate track of the client’s requirements. So, when it comes to documentation, short and simple does the trick. Long and descriptive texts make things unnecessarily complex and difficult to understand. Such documentation should have a few key aspects that help direct property advisors’ efforts. For example, the name of the client, preferred property location, size, price/rent, etc. Bproperty maintains a tried and true Know Your Customer (KYC) form for every client. Short and precise information in KYC forms help us deliver effective and efficient solutions.

Be Flexible with the Location

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Our property experts go wherever they are needed

Is the client’s location or home near your office? Not always. So what do you do in those situations? Do you make the client come to your office even if it’s inconvenient or far away? That’s not the Bproperty way. Like our easy and convenient real estate services, we make sure the meetings are convenient for the client too. As such, a Bproperty Property Advisor will happily travel to the client’s location for a meeting when needed. We also believe that not all meetings need to take place in an office. A restaurant or coffee shop works as well, especially if it’s held after hours. The main objective is to make sure the client is comfortable and to find solutions to their real estate needs.

Bproperty is becoming a trusted name in the real estate world of Bangladesh thanks to the efforts of all the individuals who tirelessly work to deliver property solutions. To them, there is no fixed time to guide clients and going the extra mile is the path they always choose.

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