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In the mid-70s or 80s in Dhaka, Rampura had been considered a focal point of cultural amalgamation for the people living in the town. Rampura is still the center for cultural diversity that accommodates people coming from all walks of life irrespective of class, creed, economic background or identity. It, to date, offers the most inclusive neighborhood to people; both those new to Dhaka and long-term residents of Dhaka.

The TV center

BTV Center
The Bangladesh TV center lies in the heart of Rampura

Let us turn our clock back 30 years. Bangladesh Television during the 90s had been the only medium of showbiz entertainment. Many of us spent our childhood watching ‘The Arabian Nights of Alif Laila’, ‘Aj Robibar’, ‘Ityadi’, ‘Mati o Manush’, or the movies in the early afternoon on black and white TVs on BTV. The boom of media technology happened due to the action plan by BTV. The TV channel from our childhood left a mark on our hearts. And when talking about Rampura, it is impossible to not mention the TV center. It is located at the base of the Rampura Bridge, and the locals mostly refer to it as ‘TV center’ till today. 

Easiest commute

You can find transportation to any route based on your itinerary

From early morning, people rush off on buses, private cars or Lagunas in search of their livelihood. Badda, Malibag, Gulshan, Moghbazar, Tejgaon, Banasree, and Link Road crossovers make them the nearest locations. Rampura is the center point for all these commercially important places. The commute becomes easier as all these places are linked to Rampura through Hatirjheel – a lakefront transportation medium in the heart of Dhaka for minimizing traffic congestion. There are also plenty of modes of public transportation to help people move around. 

In the bit east of the Rampura bridge, you’ll find the residential area of Banasree. And you can easily reach Gulshan by taking a water taxi from Rampura’s neighboring area of beautiful Hatirjheel. Badda is located very close to Gulshan. You can reach Badda quite easily by heading north on a bus from the Rampura bridge. Moghbazar is located in the south of Rampura. You can easily go to Karwan Bazar and Farmgate through it.

Affordable housing

Housing Society
You can find affordable housing almost everywhere

Many office goers choose flats in this area to lead a secure home life with their loved ones. The biggest benefit of this area is that the flats here are quite affordable and the rent is also well-within grasp. People from all around the city, who are moving towards Rampura, are probably doing it for its cheap house rent, well-developed commute system, accessibility and variety of shops and markets. The megacity housing project of Rampura has been initiated. The old Rampura meets the new Rampura in the Mahanagar Project. For those who prefer to live in serenity and away from the usual noise, they’ll love the flats in this housing society.

Quality education

East West University
Rampura offers you country’s some of the best educational institutions

Now that you’ve found a haven to live in, finding quality educational institutes for your children is the next most important thing. To meet those necessities, there are several reputed educational institutes like the Ekramunnessa Boys High School and the Banasree Ideal School and College in Rampura. There’s also the reputed East West University in neighboring Badda for higher education. So if you don’t want to spend hours dealing with the city’s traffic, traveling to distant schools & colleges, you’ll find much relief living in this area.

Modern and specialized healthcare facilities

Better Life Hospital
You can find specialized healthcare facilities here

Having a good hospital near your home means a reduction of risk in life. You or your family members can easily visit the Better Life Hospital to find immediate treatment for any sort of health-related problems. Here, you can find your necessary healthcare service for quite a low cost. And there’s also Digilab nearby, where you can get your necessary tests and health check-ups done.

Easy-to-access groceries and supermarkets

Fish Market
You can always find varieties of fishes early in the morning

At the dawn of a new day, the first thing to wake up is Rampura Bazar. Sellers from faraway places come here with their stocks of fish, meat or vegetables. The call of the hawkers and sellers continues from dawn to evening. Being able to buy bags full of groceries at such low cost makes the bazar very popular. And for those who want to avoid commotion and want to buy everyday items from a quiet place, there’s a Shwapno store in Rampura. You can buy all your daily necessary items from this one place. The Molla Tower Shopping Complex has been set up here for the sake of ladies who love shopping. With such a shopping mall just a few steps from the home, who wouldn’t want to fill their almirah or dressing table with varieties of saree, salwar kameez, ornaments or cosmetics. 

Famous restaurants and fast-food joints 

Al Kaderia Restaurant
You can find fresh and well-served foods in the restaurants

Rampura has created quite the appetite and craving for mouth-watering foods by hosting several famous restaurants and fast food joints. People from different parts of the city come here to eat fresh quality foods and experience an aesthetic restaurant environment. That is why Rampura has the famous Al Kaderia and Kababwala restaurants. There are long queues in these restaurants in the evening, so plan.

Cozy convention centers

Warterfront Convention
Hold meetings and important family occasions at convention centers

If you want to host weddings, Holuds (a special pre-marriage occasion), birthdays or any type of family and social events, there’s the Waterfront Convention Center. This is located opposite the TV center and next to the u-loop. There are also multiple restaurants and community centers as well as open spaces you can reserve for holding personal and public meetings with high security.  

Every area of Dhaka city has its characteristics. And so does Rampura and that is why, every area bazaar, alley, restaurant, as well as the lifestyle of the residents, are distinct from each other. Rampura has a vintage and ecstatic driven neighboorhood to offer. The people here are very friendly and live with community standards under good governance. If you are thinking about a shift and want to live in one of the most affordable and peaceful areas of the megacity, you are welcome to Rampura.  

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