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The beauty of Mymensingh lies in the collective essence of all the tangible and intangible aspects that shape the city. It’s quiet and subtle but full of amazing vibes. Once the biggest district in the Indian subcontinent, Mymensingh has gone through many changes. It lost the crown for being the biggest district but has not lost its charm and importance. The city has stood witness to many historical events for hundreds of years and has the potential to live on for hundred years more. And being rich in many aspects, there is no shortage of things to fall in love with place. Here are the reasons why I love Mymensingh.


Monda ( one kind of sweet )
Mymensingh offers delicious foods

Food has always been a major part of our culture and the most beautiful thing about food is it’s different in every part of the country. Mymensingh is no exception. From mouth-watering local dishes to delicious continental and oriental cuisines, Mymensingh offers a diverse set of options for food. But it is the local cuisines you will fall in love with. The staple food is plain rice and curry (either fish or meat) but the preparation of the food is different from other areas of the country. The people of Mymensingh are famous for their love for spicy food. Seasoning with green pepper, shallots, and citrus fruit is a common practice.

Now it may sound a simple addition to many but you will be baffled by the difference in taste. There are a lot of other cultural foods that are more common in Mymensingh than in the rest of the districts in Bangladesh. Muri (puffed rice), Chira (flattened rice), and Khoi (popped rice) for example are used as the substitute for rice but can also be used for preparing local desserts such as Doi-Chira (Chira mixed with yogurt) or Gur-Khoi (Khoi mixed with jaggery).

Also, the seasonal pitha, dal-puri, and shingara are amazing, especially Monda (one kind of sweet made of milk), a local delicacy of Mymensingh. The balance of milk and sweetness is just perfect. And the best thing – it melts in your mouth. For an authentic taste, you have to go to Gopal Pal’s monda shop in Muktagacha. This is a must-try item and should not be missed if you happen to visit the magical city. So how can the food not be one of the reasons why I love Mymensingh?

History and culture

Shoshi Lodge
Shoshi Lodge is one of the main attractions of Mymensingh

There was no district in the entire Indian subcontinent bigger than Mymensingh. This place is steeped in many significant historical events and was a major part of greater India. Later the district was divided into six different districts and turned into a division. It is believed that the ancient kingdom of Bangal comprised greater Dhaka and Mymensingh. And throughout history, the city of Mymensingh and its culture were influenced by different ruling dynasties including Maurya, Gupta, and Pal.

Then during the Islamic period, Mymensingh was shaped by a different set of ideologies. There are ruins and remains of buildings scattered throughout the district which are testaments to our history. And the ones that are still standing are the symbol of our glorious past. Shashi Lodge and Muktagachha Zamindar Bari are two of the greatest examples of that. Other than these, Mymensingh is also the birthplace of many notable personalities including Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose,  Sukumar Ray, Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin, Humayun Ahmed, and many more. Also, the country’s largest agricultural university is located in Mymensingh as well. But there is more to Mymensingh than what can be seen on the surface. The more you delve into the history of these historic monuments the more you become meld with the history itself.


Brahmaputra river
Brahmaputra cater to the needs of people seeking for a peaceful time

The rivers are clearly amongst the main reasons why I love Mymensingh. Mymensingh houses five main rivers including Brahmaputra, Bhogai, Bajua, and Kangsa. The Brahmaputra slits the district into two parts and serves as an important way for good transportation. But there is so much more to the Brahmaputra than just use as a pathway for transportation. That is to say, there is no shortage of hot-spots for a boat ride or similar recreational purposes like fishing. You will be surprised by how a simple boat ride can lighten your mood. And experiencing the sunset and sunrise on the sublime Brahmaputra is a treat that nobody should miss.

People here need no fancy recreational settlement to enjoy a beautiful evening either. Zainul Abedin Park, for example, teems with people. You will find plenty of people enjoying the evening allure with their entire family by the riverside. And if you want to feel nature closely, the Botanical garden of Bangladesh Agricultural university by the Brahmaputra will amaze you. There are more than hundreds of different species of trees and flowers, which bloom around the year.

Natural beauty

Hills, rivers, forests; there are no shortage of sites to enjoy in Mymensingh

Mymensingh, a sprawling town, is a land of natural beauty and diversity. On one hand, there are wide wetlands of Haor and on the other, there are the huge forests of Madhupur and Bhawal. The plains of Mymensingh-Jamalpur, hilly areas of Sherpur-Mymensingh, and vast lands of Tangail have added a different flair to the district. Due to the geographical diversity, the weather and the seasonal pattern are also very different than in most parts of the country. But the best way to experience the true beauty of Mymensingh would be to go out camping in nature. There is no shortage of places to do that. If you want to camp in the mountains or by the river, Mymensingh has you covered. You have plenty of options and rest assured you won’t be disappointed.

Mymensingh is amazing in every aspect but there is so much more to love about Mymensingh than one can ever put into words. Visit the city yourself to experience all the true beauty of Mymensingh.

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