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Since we get only two grand celebrations in a year, it is quite normal for us to forget about our countless healthy-eating resolutions and dive into a large feast with our families. No matter how much we ignore the many articles we stumble across the internet or the backlash we get from our aunties, nothing stops us from indulging ourselves in curries and mouth-watering desserts that we so eagerly wait for.

But only by abiding a few steps and adapting to a certain healthy habits, here’s how you can stay fit this Eid, too!

Stop putting up excuses

Just because it is a special occasion doesn’t mean you have to give in to a feast every time you decide to visit a relative. Refrain from getting the second plate refill (or the third); resist the temptation of lingering around the table and waiting for an additional plate of desserts.

Grilled is always the better option

Grilled meat definitely has less oil than curries dipped in heavy oil. Even though some of the spices used in them are extremely efficient when it comes to digestion, the oil ruins the advantages.

Eat your vegetables

Yes, we know. We have all heard it before and we choose to ignore it regularly. But eating vegetables first is likely to make you feel fuller which means you will not be able to consume meat in larger portions later on.

Walk it off

Burn off your extra calories by walking after meals. Bloating and gastric issues will be hopefully gone by drinking ample amounts of water and taking walks.

Stay away from carbonated beverages

Soft drinks are usually loaded with sugar. Instead, opt for something like green tea or lemon tea, if you can’t handle the bitter taste. Drinks like these will cleanse away the meaty aftertaste and help with digestion significantly. If possible, drink a glass of warm water with a pinch of salt and lemon in the morning for breakfast.

Lastly, get into the festive mood!

The goal is to minimize the consumption of food accordingly. Dive into the scrumptious delicacies but listen to your body and know when to stop. Prepare yourself for the upcoming hearty affair in the healthiest way possible.

Hope you have a meaty Eid!

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