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For those looking for storage solutions in a compact home, there’s no better way than to use floating shelves, which is a shelf that is attached to a wall. Not only do they save floor space, but they are also extremely functional, with a myriad of uses. Countertops and tabletops can take up a lot of space. With a floating shelf, you can do without these things, resulting in a lot of extra storage space in your rooms. It also adds a modern look to your home decor, giving out a casual vibe. Here are a few floating shelf ideas to add some style and functionality to your modern home.

Fantastic Floating Shelf Ideas

Floating Shelf
Stylish shelves for a modern home

Night Stand Shelf

Most people are cramped for space in their bedrooms, especially with dressing tables and wardrobes. We also need a bedside table to keep things such as our phones, water bottles, alarm clocks, and books for reading. But most of us can’t place one in our rooms because of the shortage of space. This is where a nightstand shelf comes in handy. Instead of having a bulky bedside table beside your bed, why not have a floating nightstand shelf where you can keep all those things.

Headboard Shelf

When talking about floating shelf ideas for your bedroom, the headboard shelf should come first. They’re placed on the wall behind the bed and can be easily made at home, with only a few planks of wood. Remember to leave enough headspace so that you don’t bump your head into the headboard shelf. These shelves can be used to put in decorative items as well as things that you constantly need when on the bed.

Corner Shelf

The corner shelf is another great application of bedroom floating shelf ideas. Just attach a floating shelf to the corner of your bedroom and voila… you have a corner shelf. It looks really nice and complements most modern home decor setups. The corner shelf is also great for children’s rooms.

Architectural Accent Shelf

The architectural accent shelf is one of the best floating shelf ideas for those who want to make a statement. It can instantly lift up the look of anyone’s home decor, with the different textures and engraved detailing present on the shelf. These shelves go well with bedrooms and reading rooms.

Gallery Wall Shelf

This is one of the most popular forms of floating shelves in Bangladesh. This is mostly seen in commercial spaces and luxury apartments. Instead of hanging pictures on the wall, you could place it on these shelves. This adds a touch of class and sophistication to your decor and saves the hassle of drilling holes for screws in the wall.

Floating Shelf
These shelves are highly functional

Library Shelf

Bookworms need to have bookshelves, but there isn’t always enough space for a large bookshelf to keep books in everyone’s homes. This makes floating library shelves one of the most efficient floating shelf ideas to implement at home, especially if you’re a book lover. This makes it a must-have for anyone who is a bookworm but doesn’t have enough space to build a fully-fledged bookshelf in their home. A library shelf can also be a place to relax in your home.

Living Room Shelf

The living room is a place where you might have the most furniture. This leaves little space for functional furniture meant for storage. A living room floating shelf positioned above the sofas can help with that. These shelves are perfect for putting showpieces on.

Floating Shelf On Top Of Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is another great place to implement floating shelf ideas. The space on the wall where the kitchen sink is is almost always left empty. This space could be utilized to place a floating shelf, on which racks could be placed for plates and cutlery, as well as a section for cleaning products. Maybe kitchen utensils could be placed there.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets With Shelves

If your kitchen doesn’t have cabinets, you could use these shelves instead. They’re very easy to construct and function almost the same as a kitchen cabinet. It will also make the kitchen more spacious as cabinets can take up a lot of space. 

Coffee And Tea Bar

A floating wall shelf can be used to create a mini coffee and tea bar inside your home. This would be perfect for entertaining guests in your home and will go perfectly inside your living or dining room. The tea bar will be the place where you can converse with your friends and family over tea and coffee.

Overall, the 10 fantastic floating shelf ideas mentioned above will add both style and functionality to your home. Floating shelves are both cost-friendly and highly functional. And they can help with saving a lot of space at home. This makes it one of the most innovative and efficient home decor ideas that you can implement. Are you thinking about implementing these floating shelf ideas in your home? Please leave a comment to let us know.

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