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Tongi is considered to be the modern-day enigma of industries and housing. Located just a 20 minutes ride away from Uttara, Tongi will attain the benchmark of a modern city very soon. The exceptional modernization of Tongi in a very short period of time has set an example. The collective perseverance of a city’s population can contribute to its overall holistic development. Tongi’s demography and locale are providing the lead towards such aspirations. 

Lifestyle in Tongi  

Tongi Lifestyle
The lifestyle here is developing day by day

One of our followers of Bproperty blogs and vlogs has given some insights about Tongi. He is a resident of Tongi from his childhood. According to him, “Industrialization has its influence over the city. The place is enriched with factories and garments that deal with quality clothing. Tongi is also famous for the availability of good and fresh food such as vegetables, meats, and seeds at a cheaper price. With both its pros and cons, it’s a city that still craves some major upgrades here and there.” The entire city is blessed with newly established shopping malls, blissful infrastructure, projected highways, modern industries, etc. This has made the lives of the people residing in this area more sophisticated and updated. There are also some new restaurants, schools, colleges, and universities emerging here, which is transforming it into a self-sufficient city. 

Boom of industries 

The boom of industries is one of the most enthralling changes here

With the boom of industries, the city of Tongi has provided job opportunities to a lot of people residing here. This city is one of the biggest manufacturers of fine clothes as well as ready-made garments. There are other different textile industries that grew up there. Also, many small and cottage industries are there. BSCIC is a big name in the sector of such cottage industries which gives opportunities to a lot of people. The BSCIC Industrial Estate is located here. 

Hubspot for local and fresh food 

Local foods are very fresh and healthy here

Major produces of the mid-eastern region of the country enter through Tongi. As a result, you can easily find local and fresh vegetables, fruits, etc in this region. Also, the availability of these at cheaper rates than any other place in the country make it widely exceptional.  

Connecting spot to different places of the country

Connecting spot
Tongi connects Dhaka to the gateway to many other regions in Bangladesh

Tongi connects the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway with Uttara and also connects the route to Gazipur with Dhaka. This is the connection gateway to the middle eastern region of the country. This place gives access to thousands of people going to Dhaka from different parts of the country.

Residence in Tongi 

new residence
Many residential projects are growing up here

Tongi is developing it’s residential areas smartly and within a very short period of time. Developers are taking up multiple projects to develop this area. Projects like Tahsia Manjil and residential areas near Hossain Market Bus Stop are big changemakers in the developers’ industry. Besides this, many small and modern residential areas emerged in and around Tongi within the last decade. Therefore, Tongi has a lot of potential with opportunities ahead to flourish in the housing industry in the new decade. 

Bishwa Ijtema Field

The Ijtema field hosts millions of devotees around the world for prayer

The famous Ijtema Field is here beside the Turag river. The Muslims from all 150 countries around the world gather here during the winter. It is one of the largest peaceful gatherings in the world. The Ijtema is a prayer meeting over three days. Here attending devotees perform daily prayers. They listen to scholars reciting and explaining verses from the Quran. It culminates in the Akheri Munajat, or the Concluding Supplication (Final Prayer),

These are some of the most important aspects of Tongi. What do you think about this place? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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