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Thinking about renting out your flat? Then reading this article is a ‘Must’ for you! Investing in residential property is now considered a great investment. As a result, the popularity of renting out property is growing in equal pace with property selling. However, making a property ready for tenants isn’t a walk in the park; it takes a lot of hard work. This is particularly true if you lived in that property yourself, and deciding to rent it out for the first time. As the owner, you need to ensure a few things before it is truly ready to host a tenant. So let’s take a look at some dos and don’ts before you rent out your property.

Set the Right Rent

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Set the right rent

When setting the rent, keep in mind that there are several things that you need to consider. Things like utilities, service charge, repair cost, and building facilities are just some of the major aspects that come into factor. This estimation is particularly helpful for first-timers. Another great way to figure out the right rent is to check the rate of other similar apartments in the area. This is a quick and easy way to determine the right rent. You can also check out the online real estate portals like to figure out. Quickly scrolling a few pages will give you a good idea about what the rent should be. While the exact location of the property will be a big factor, you’ll get a general idea from browsing the online portals.

Don’t Rush Into It

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Take time to figure out everything

It’s not just the utility charges or services charges that come into play when determining the appropriate rent; there are several other additional aspects that is also important. You need to think about who you are renting out to; you need to find the right tenant. It is better to wait to find the perfect tenant to rent out your property. Maybe waiting a few more days will result in better rent and better tenant. Renting out to the wrong tenant at a reduced rent will also bring down the value of your property. So if patience brings you a better candidate, why not wait?

Make Repairs

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Damaged and broken item bring down the rent

Before you rent out, you need to repair things that are broken or damaged. Check the apartment’s water, electric, and gas connections. Immediately fix any problems that you can find. Even though the bathroom and the kitchen are small rooms, they have great importance. Many tenants first see the bathroom and the kitchen before moving on to other rooms. So check out the bathroom fittings as well; and if you can, renovate it.  A new fitting will increase the beauty of the room immensely and help you get a better rent. And finally, don’t forget to repaint the place with a new coat of paint so it feels refreshed when you rent out your property. Tenants feel better when the home feels new.

List Your Property

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Listing property makes renting out quicker

Finding tenants has become very easy now for landlords. You can find verified tenants with the help of Bproperty’s rental service. You only need to provide proper information to list your property. Take time to make sure that you input the correct information. From there, you can just wait for Bproperty to contact you so that they can take all the necessary photos and video to highlight your property’s beauty. For your part, help the concerned individuals by tidying up the place as better visuals help get a better response from the tenants.

Enlist the Help of a Property Management Firm

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Bproperty is the largest real estate marketplace in Bangladesh

We all lead a busy life more or less. Trying to find a tenant in this busy life can be very stressful. It takes up a lot of your time. So don’t waste your time and hire a property management firm. Check out the property management firms near you; verify their experience and how much they charge. It’s better to hire a property management firm than to wallow in stress.

There you have it! Some of the dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind before you rent out your property. By following these, you can find better tenants and make sure your property is in the right hands.

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