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Bproperty, the country’s only complete real estate solutions provider, offers an assortment of real estate related services. However, other than providing more mainstream real estate related services such as property selling, buying, and renting, Bproperty also offers legal advice and home loan-related services. IPDC which was established in 1981, on the other hand, is one of the prominent financial institutions in Bangladesh. Along with BRAC and Bangladesh government, the institution is backed by various local and foreign organizations. This is why IPDC is the first choice for many people. And recently Bproperty and IPDC made an agreement where they will work together and Bproperty will do the property validation and valuation for home loan purposes. In the following, we will be discussing the benefits of Bproperty and IPDC collaboration and more.

What are valuation and validation


Property valuation and validation are two of the most important procedures9 in sanctioning a home loan as well as determining the amount. Property validation or ownership validation is the process of validating the authenticity of the property’s ownership by vetting all the documents. Property valuation, on the other hand, is the process of determining the current value of the property.

Bproperty and IPDC agreement

Bproperty and IPDC agreement
The key personnel of both the organizations was present at the signing ceremony

IPDC Finance and Bproperty recently signed an agreement between themselves. The signing ceremony was held at the corporate office of IPDC Finance. According to the agreement, Bproperty will legally validate and appraise the property for IPDC. And all the customers taking home loans from IPDC through Bproperty will enjoy special benefits. The benefits of Bproperty and IPDC collaboration includes reduced processing fees and interest rates, faster processing facilities, etc. This is one of a kind agreement in Bangladesh between two companies like IPDC Finance and Bproperty. Many are considering this event as a milestone in the context of the country.

About Bproperty

Bproperty, the only real estate solutions provider in Bangladesh, is a part of Emerging Markets Property Group or EMPG. Other than Bangladesh, EMPG currently running its operation in 16 other countries with the motto of making property transactions easy and hassle-free. As a part of EMPG, Bproperty also believes the same and this agreement is just another step towards that direction.

Since its inception in 2016, Bproperty has collected the information of 28 lakh property throughout Dhaka and Chattogram. Bproperty ensures the analysis and use of this important information through the relentless efforts of about 600 dedicated workers. This is why Bproperty can make predictions regarding the estimated price of a property within a very short amount of time. This, in turn, becomes one of the biggest benefits of Bproperty and IPDC collaboration.

Because of being a pioneer in the prop-tech segment, Bproperty invested so much in big data technology and valuation algorithm. As a result, not only just determining the value of the property, Bproperty also started catering to the needs of its customers and offers services including Bproperty Rental, Bproperty Interior, and Pay-Rent.

All in all, the agreement not only benefits the two companies but all its customers equally. This is a great opportunity for those who are planning to take a home loan. It takes almost a month to do all the processing for a home loan in a conventional way. However, with this agreement, the processing time can be expected to be significantly shorter with less hassle to go through.

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