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The walls of your house are precious and they don’t deserve to have holes in them. Drilling can permanently damage the walls and it is impossible to fix that immediately. There are a number of ways to hang stuff on walls without causing permanent damage.  If you want to mount something on the wall, don’t just start drilling. We are also going to show you how to screw into wall without drill. So let’s explore the best DIY alternatives to drilling wall.

Using adhesives or sticky materials for pictures or posters

Use adhesive glues or sticky tapes

You can find different kinds of sticky picture hanging strips, adhesive hooks, or even reusable tapes or adhesives which can help you stick your pictures or posters. Even you can use these adhesive hooks for hanging picture frames. They remain sticky for a longer period of time and as a result, you don’t need to change them frequently. Once stuck, they will remain the same for years. You don’t need to worry about your walls any more. These don’t do any damage even to the color or distempering material of the wall. Henceforth, they are one of the best alternatives to drilling wall. To remove any wallpaper from the wall, here is the link.

Hanging with ropes, strings or wires

pictures hanging on a string/wire
Use a string to hang on and decorate the wall

Hanging stuff with strings or wires provides an aesthetic view and you can keep them floating. If you can use multiple wires and fix the tension of the wires properly, this can probably help you in fixing it up quite easily. You can use nails or eyelets in order to add tension to the wire. You can hang them on the partial spaces of window screens. Be very careful and use the best quality wires. Don’t jolt them after installation. Therefore, using wires to hang objects can be one of the very best alternatives to drilling wall.

Presenting artistically on wooden easels

Tokenistic Mini wooden easel
Use wooden easels at the corners of your house to decorate the paintings

This is one of the best and trendiest alternatives to drilling wall. Fixing and setting up a wooden easel and presenting posters, pictures, calendars, canvases, artworks with frames, etc can make it look wholesome and way more attractive. An easel is not only there for painting. You can buy multiple tripod easels and can set them at the unused corners of your house to hang and portray your frames. There is no more compelling and unique way of wall decor than to transform it into a living art gallery. It not only refreshes your mind but also enriches your taste in art and culture. If you create an accent wall, these easels would be a great match.

Screw into walls

Screws into walls slightly using anchors can save your walls from damage

If you think that it is very important to place a nail into the wall, you need to know how to screw into wall without drill. To do so, at the very onset, first mark the points with a pencil. Then tap the pointed tip of the anchor of nails on the wall with a hammer. Do not hammer it roughly. Next, once the tip gets inside the drywall, use a screwdriver and screw the anchor politely and very carefully. This will at a point flush into the wall and there will be little to no damage on the wall.

So these are the best alternatives to drilling wall. You can use all of these tips in order to decorate your house. Avoid using drill machines into your walls at any cost. This not only damages the walls but also makes them look unpleasant. Even if you screw into wall without drill, you can fix it easily. But drilling will cause irreversible damage and it is also an ancient way of hanging things on the wall. Follow the tips above and do let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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