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One of our esteemed clients in an interview mentioned how we all have different needs and requirements, and when it comes to the place of residence, there’s a special set of attributes that we hold dear. A home is a desire that gives you a sense of contentment and conditional benefits. As a result, it is the place where you can attain an interconnectedness between you and your family. That is why everyone needs to find a home that will fulfill all their requirements, needs, and dreams; and the following listings can do all that! They are, after all, some of the best apartments in November 2019. So why not get to know a little more about them. And who knows, maybe these apartments are just the type of property you’ve been searching for!


Tejgaon is always a popular choice for businessmen as it is always flourishing in its exquisite probabilities. Tejgaon was once known to be a commercial zone with plenty of thriving businesses. Things have changed dramatically over the years though. Now, residential zones are booming and a fantastic balance is coming about. The area has renowned educational institutions like Holy Cross School and College, Government Science College, Tejgaon College, Bangladesh University of Textiles, etc.  As a result, this lovely 2,323 sq. ft. well planned apartment in Tejgaon near Tejturi Bazar Bus Station can be a great choice to make a home for those who are involved in business and don’t want their children to commute far from home for education. The north-view apartment is located just beside Tejturi Bazar Bus Station, ensuring its residents’ quick connectivity to the rest of the city.

Large windows allow ample natural light and air to flow into the apartment’s spacious rooms. As a result, the interior of the flat is always bright and cheerful. There is also a spacious terrace connected to the dining and drawing room where you can spend some precious time in the busiest hours of your day. The entire planning and the ecstatic interior decoration, as well as the most easy-to-access location, make it one of the best apartments in November 2019.


Among all the areas of Dhaka, Bashundhara R/A is currently one of the most popular locations to live, and it’s easy to understand why. The elegant apartment that we have picked for you are just a two minutes walk from the famous North South University and Independent University, Bangladesh. The conditions at Bashundhara R/A are near perfect. So what if you had the chance to own a 2,025 sq. ft. flat in Block F of Bashundhara R/A that is filled with all of life’s comforts. The south-view apartment comes with 3-bedrooms and 4-bathrooms and is perfect for family living. All the bedrooms and washrooms are attached with durable and modern fittings. Setting with the best facilitation, this is one of our top-rated and one of the most highlighted apartments. Therefore we have listed this as one of the best apartments in November 2019.


Our next entry in the list is 1,550 sq. ft. flat in Mirpur near Mirpur Government High School. This flat is also south-faced. It has beautiful fittings and the finishing of the elegant class. The delightfully charming texture of the flat makes it more homely and lively. An airy and comfortable feeling is all around the home, no matter the time. It can be a great first home as it embodies all the qualities of peaceful and hassle-free living. The spacious 3-bedroom flat with 3 bathrooms attached is waiting for you to begin making memories and adorn it with your love. In terms of the area, there is nothing you can make up, that Mirpur doesn’t offer. Starting from restaurants and homes to offices and other commercial places, there is everything that controls the humdrum everyday affairs of life. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to reside in.

Therefore we have listed this as one of the best apartments in November 2019.


Kaderabad Housing Estate is one of the prominent booming residential areas in the entire city of Dhaka. The place has changed drastically and is still going through a constant and rapid transformation. The 825 sq. ft. flat in Mohammadpur near Kaderabad Housing Estate Jam-e-Masjid has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, is south-faced and has all the characteristics to make it an astounding home for a loving family. The flat comprises of all the features that one may expect in a modern home setting and is capable of delivering the comforts that everyone looks for in a home. A broad dining and kitchen will help make every meal a delight. The apartment is also conveniently located near Dhanmondi and other nearby important zones. So if you want to provide your family with a home that they will always cherish, this is the place for you.


The last apartment on our list is the eccentric 2,004 sq. ft. apartment in Uttara’s nearby Sonali Bank Limited. It has tremendously fine interior, gorgeous fittings, modern facilities and a ceiling to fall in love with; not to mention all the perks of living in Uttara! Henceforth it is in our list of best apartments in November 2019.

While the property already comes into a neat little package, one of the main reasons we’ve included in the list of the best apartments of November 2019 is how great of a deal it is. Whereas the average sq. ft. the price of apartments in Uttara is BDT 9,158; this property will cost the buyer about BDT 7,984 only! So if you are looking for a great price to benefit ratio in an apartment, this is definitely the property to go for.

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