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Tattooing its red-yellow colors onto the land, Spring, the cheerful king of all seasons finally arrives by banishing the clay-cold claws of winter. Buds blossom, trees thaw, and the grass grows; the entire rejuvenation of nature seems nothing less than wizardry. The zippy aroma of Spring infuses the engulfing splendor of Rakta Korobi; Falgun sets off Spring by indulging the crimson decor of Krishnachura, Shimul, and Palas with its own mojo in this beautiful part of the hemisphere.

To properly celebrate such a vibe, not only does it demand you harmonize yourself with the colorful carnival of Falgun, it also urges you to do the same to your home. Although there is no definitive color for Falgun, yellow, orange, and green are the most common ones to the sight once you are outside. Today, however, I am going to discuss the color yellow and how you can flourish your interior with it.

Yellow is bright and like all the bright colors, it may seem too much. But that doesn’t mean you should not use yellow at all. This just means using too much in your home can make it look overwhelming. So why not use it smartly with other colors. Be it a living room or dining room; using a light shade of yellow can dramatically uplift the entire vibe of the room. In a living room, just make sure the wall gets enough light so that it can be the focal point of the entire space. Your bedroom, on the other hand, is the place that should give you a sense of solace. Using light colors such as light shades of yellow can help you achieve the coveted vibe and can make the room feel bigger.

Mood Of The Color

Mood of the color
Understanding the psychology behind the color is important

Color can have a huge impact when it comes to affecting our moods. It is a powerful tool that can be used to signal certain actions, influence moods, and even trigger psychological reactions. Color on the red side of the spectrum such as yellow can evoke emotions such as warmth, joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. So incorporating yellow, to your home can give you a comfortable and cozy feeling.

Using too much yellow in your home, however, can make the interior feel harsh. One of the ways to incorporate yellow to your interior is to use it with complementary colors. This way the interior may not look too strong. Also, using white as a complementary color can make it look comfortable. Other than these, different shades of yellow can be great for your decor. You just have to make sure that you do not use any over-the-top bright shades. Not only just shades, but you can also assimilate different textures to your home decor as well.

Choose the theme

Yellow colored wall
Before you dive into anything, choosing a proper theme is necessary

Like all bright colors, whatever you do with yellow will ultimately result in creating a bright environment overall. From wall-print and modern wallpaper to other room decors, there is hardly anything that doesn’t go with yellow. And since spring is knocking at the door, why not incorporate a spring-related theme to the decor. Lots of beautiful flowers bloom in spring and it won’t be a bad idea to frame them on a wall. Apart from this, you can also try changing the curtain to match the rest of your home decor. It may not seem like much, but changing the curtains can dramatically change the entire vibe of your home.

If you want something different, painting your ceiling yellow can be a great idea. Using a shaded yellow colored light, on the other hand, with a floral design can also add a different dimension to the space and give it a modern look.

A touch of yellow in furniture

yellow colored furniture
Yellow can be great for creating a focal point

Using bright color furnishing is not always a good idea as it can make the space disoriented. But that does not mean you can not use yellow at all. Bright colors are great for creating a focal point. Design-wise, you don’t want anyone to look at sixteen different places at once when entering a room. Making an aesthetic distinction is crucial for any kind of decor.

Also, you can add a progressiveness to an environment by choosing furniture with different shades of the same color. This way you will be able to make a cohesive statement overall.

As February marks the beginning of Spring, it is also great for revamping your entire home decor. Blend your entire home with the color of February and make the best out of the most colorful season of the year and also don’t forget to let us know your plans for this convivial season in the comments section below.

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