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Oftentimes, we are oblivious to our exposure to noise while outside. Maybe it is because, in the back of our mind, we think about the peace and tranquility of our home, which we soon hope to reach. However, what if there is difficulty in finding peace in that place as well? After a long tiring day, even leisure time can become not so if peace is not found. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that your relaxing time remains tranquil, and today’s article will show you how by creating a soundproof room.


You can keep all your favorite books in the bookshelf

Just like noise from outside might annoy you, the noise that you make inside your home might annoy others. To get rid of problems regarding sound, you can either fix foam or cork sheet kinds of materials on the roof as well as on each and every wall. The layer can be doubled using hardboards. As a result, it will help you further to create a soundproof room and that will help not just you, but your neighbors too. 

You can also hang a moving blanket on your walls to create a soundproof room. If nothing seems possible, then just place your bookshelf on the wall to make the room soundproof. Storing all your favorite books in your bookshelf can further help in keeping your privacy intact, since less noise will be created. Lastly, you can stick to using soundproof glue inside your room, to make it more soundproof. It will be a great idea if you apply glue to a soundproof plywood sheet and set it on the wall. 

Doors and Windows


Doors and windows made of glass can be used to make a soundproof room

Another amazing way to create a soundproof room is through hanging soundproof curtains on the doors and windows of your home. The sounds get absorbed by the curtains when the doors and windows are kept closed. Soundproof curtains have layers made in a special way, which aids in providing protection from sunlight and most forms of unwanted noise. As a result, sounds cannot get out nor get in. In case you fail to manage soundproof curtains, woven curtains can serve the purpose in a similar manner for helping you to create a soundproof room. Or else it is better to just use glass instead of doors and windows. It is also preferable to set a layer of a sound proof glass – a double-layered glass often with a vacuum barrier – along with the wooden doors and windows. Another way of creating a soundproof room can be filling the empty spaces available above or below the window and doors with any form of rubber material.

Floors and Ceilings

Hearing noises from other floors happens to be a common phenomenon to those who live in multi-story buildings. In such cases, you can address these problems by modifying your floors and ceilings to an extent. Even though this might be an expensive option, in order to maintain your sanity, it is definitely going to be worth it. You can easily get ceiling insulation installed in your rooms. Hanging some acoustic foam panels on your ceilings can create a vibrant look and help you create a soundproof room. These panels will not only enhance the look of your ceilings, but will even restrict unwanted noise from entering your house. And for noise coming from below, using thick rugs on the floors can help you in reducing the noise levels. 

Apart from handling external noise, you also need to deal with the internal noises of your house. Certain measures are required to minimize the sounds coming from certain furniture. In order to prevent furniture from shaking due to movements of heavy vehicles on the road, rubber sheets or foam are the best choices.

Rearrange Furniture Items

The idea is to arrange your furniture in a fashion that reduces accessibility to smooth surfaces like most walls. Also try to place the cupboard or television close to the wall to avoid any kind of extra noise. It will be best if you can position all of your furniture near the walls as much as possible. 

You may think about having soundproof rooms, but do you really take the initiative to make the transformation? If these measures are taken properly, you can easily enjoy the peace of a soundproof room.

Now that you know more about how to create a soundproof room, are there any other points you would like to add to the list? Share your views and valuable feedback in the comment section below. 

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