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With some thoughtful planning and time, you can make your home look like you’ve been around the world, or at least around a region or two while keeping it beautifully yours. First thing first: Settle the cultures from which you plan to draw. You can easily buy cultural items from the market if you visit any place around the world or even from your own country. But putting those items in your home without knowing what they are or where they come from can be inconsistent. That doesn’t mean hours and hours of research, it just means checking it out. Culturally diversifying your home is one of the most aesthetic aspects of home decor style. 

Here are some tricks and tips to culturally diversify your home:

Tie It in Correspondence to the Home

Cultural home decor
Cultural diversification in a home decor

While culturally influenced pieces don’t have to match your décor, which they probably won’t in most cases, but they should fit in. You can blend apparently disparate styles, perhaps adding a cabinet from the Mughal period to a modern-day room, by focusing on color, pattern, scale (is it grand, delicate or sophisticated?) or finish, to name just a handful of elements. If you can find this type of thematic tie-in, you can probably pull it together quite easily.

All about your creative aptitude

Creative Decor
Creativity is all you need to decorate

Whenever you add new, culturally derived amenities into your home décor style, you’re adding eclecticism, and maybe even some whimsy. So go with it because you have all the freedom of adding it up. There are few absolutes in terms of which styles will or will not fit into your home, especially if we’re talking about a high-quality piece. A collection of Rickshaw themed artwork along with statues representing the raw rural nature of Bangladesh can give a Bangladeshi traditional room an eye-catching focal point.

Overdoing It can make it odd

2 pictures on the wall and a music player
Keep it simple and don’t overdo it

To diversify your home decor culturally, you need to understand the metrics of focal points. Focal points are, by definition, singular or, in decorating, at least few and far between. The quickest way to “oddity” or “overdone” is to put too many grand elements in a single room. If you’re adding major items, like a statue, a well-sized tapestry or a brightly colored mosaic table, always use a light touch. When you walk into a room, you don’t want the eye drawn to16 places at once. For added cultural interest beyond the main piece, go small and a bit more subtle. Companion pieces, as well as background art, can aesthetically intensify the room.

Minimizing the Cost of Culture

Picture of Krishna and trees
You don’t need to spend much money to be a good decorator

You can always start small and shop around. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this. Hit the local market and antique malls as well as the footpath shops around the city. Even online auctions are options where you can often find hidden gems for highly reasonable prices if you give it some time. You can even consider looking around at several cultural event fairs, where distinct cultural items are always available and affordable and go a long way. Dhaka Trade Fair every year gives you just such an opportunity to amalgamate your home with a mixture of multiple cultures from all around the world. Culturally diversifying home is not only an option regardless, but it’s a mixture of passion as well as your integrity of clinging to it. 

The Domino Effect of Cultural Home Decor 

Domino effect
You need to intertwine your cultural aptitude

Decorating with culture in mind is a way to express those beliefs and lifestyle factors that make you who you are. The statement that culture makes in your home has the ability to create a domino effect that can be extremely positive. For example, if you fill your kitchen with culturally specific foods and utensils, family and friends alike might be inspired to give something new a try. Or, if you were born in Sylhet and are living in Dhaka, then maybe it’s time to bring some of those calming Sylheti style interior designs into your home; thereby, showing all your friends the delicate influence of balance and minimalism of Sylheti culture. This helps a lot in culturally diversifying your home.

Also, adding up several decorative pieces such as rugs, tapestries or wall accents that are directly linked to your cultural background can be amazing conversation starters or even a reason to host a get together to show off new pieces that you acquired! The visitors to your home may, in turn, decide to decorate their own homes to reflect their own cultures. It can also enhance and portray your cultural roots and balance them as well. One of the most important aspects of culturally diversifying your home. 

Parting Thoughts

Single colored portray
Cultural representation with a single color

No matter what culture means to you, whether or not, it’s a set of beliefs, ideas, ideologies, places you visit or customs you hold close, it’s entirely possible and beneficial to incorporate them into your home’s interior.

Give culture a chance to integrate and communicate through your design themes and watch as family and friends alike are able to connect on some level with what’s important to you. The atmosphere you create in your home must be a special inclusion for everyone. Taking time to emphasize what’s most important to you through interior design gives your residence a personal touch or feeling of fulfillment that puts your passions on display and speaks to your unique life. This concept necessitates the importance of culturally diversifying your home. 

Create a cultural haven in your home and you’ll find you’ve crafted a great relief that’s made-to-fit at the end of each and every single day when it is the time for you to relax.

How do you want to reflect your culture into your home? What is your home decor style? Please let us know in the comments section below.  



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