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They are bold at expressing their feelings, they are adaptable, they are adventurous. Kids are amiable, imaginative and intuitive. They are malleable and can be shaped into any form and adapt to any kind of environment. That is why it is important that the place they live in is nurturing of their needs. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to updating or decorating your kid’s room. Kids go through tons of transitions and phases, so bedroom updates are inevitable. As they evolve, their likes and dislikes also change; the things that they used to love two years ago become “too childish”. 

Fortunately, with some thoughtful planning and time, you can update your kid’s room without having to compromise the fun. Here are a few fun kid’s room ideas to help make the most of their space and ensure the process is affordable and easy.

Neutral palette and accent color

color palette
Incorporating a neutral color palette with an accent color can dramatically uplift the vibe of the entire room

One of the greatest and simplest ways to revamp your kid’s room is to give everything a clean, new start is a fresh coat of paint. Incorporate a neutral color palette and use your kid’s favorite color as an accent color. That way it will be easy to interchange when you have to change it again. There are a lot of colors to choose from when it comes to painting your kid’s room. Aqua blue, shades of beige, white, green, yellow, and pink can make things feel calming and restful in a bedroom. You can also add vibrancy to the room by adding accent pillows, frames, rugs, light fixtures, storage containers, and accessories.

Create zones

Creating zones for different purposes is a great trick for organizing the space

All the things that kids do can be a little chaotic. Picture all their toys, games, and collections lying around the room. One way to tackle this chaos is to divide your kid’s space into different zones. Not only is it a fun idea, it is also a great trick for organizing the space.

A desk and bookshelf in the corner can become the learning zone. A rug near storage bins might be the perfect area to build and play, or a shelf for the art supplies and accessories can become a creative space. By creating these areas within the room, it gives each part a purpose and everything has a place.

Add personality

adding personality
Adding personal flair to the room can only uplift the vibe

Kids are full of personality and they are bold at showing their traits to everyone. One of the ideal places to let them shine their personality is their bedroom. This can also add an extra dimension to the atmosphere. Simple things like artwork and photo frames can be proudly placed in a corner to create a gallery. Photos of friends, family, and souvenirs might go up on a bulletin board or in a special memory box.

Ask your kids and allow them to brainstorm what is important to them and what they want in the room. Incorporating their favorite items in the decor can really add personality and gives a sense of fulfillment to the space.

Add storage options

storage options
Storage space not only solves the clutter problem but also makes the place tidy

As mentioned before, a kid’s room can be very chaotic for different reasons. Most kids like collecting things. No matter what it is, if they like it, they will keep it and it is only natural to find their room a bit cluttered. But if not handled properly the room can get really messy, really fast. Once you’ve pared down to the things they really use and want to keep, find storage that fits what they have.

As kids grow up, their accessories and everyday items also increase. Finding storage space not only solves the clutter problem but also makes the place tidy. Find or re-purpose some baskets, label the storage boxes for easy access. Also, encourage the kids to hold on to the experiences and memories instead of random stuff.

Repurpose, repurpose and repurpose

One of the most fun kid’s room ideas is to take full advantage of your household items and repurpose them into your kid’s room. This is also a very budget-friendly and creative option when it comes to decorating your kid’s room. Besides, kids are hard on furniture and other household items and those things can break, wear off or become shaky. If something happens, instead of throwing them out, repurposing those items and things can be really fun and won’t break the bank.

Put a new cushion on the old chair, give a favorite piece of furniture a fresh coat of paint, or buy a second-hand desk. Repurposed suitcases can make great storage containers that easily slide under a bed or look cute stacked in a corner.

Other than these you can always add some DIY projects and take advantage of your vintage items. But before anything else, you should plan your ideas first. Decide on colors, furniture needed, and areas to improve or organize. Maybe there’s a theme your child is really into. Try to involve them in the process and encourage them to pick ideas that they like.

There you have it. These are some of the fun kid’s room ideas that you can incorporate in your kid’s room. But don’t confine yourself with these, there are lots of ways you can add fun to a room. Kid’s have great humor and are bold at showing them. Why not embrace it? Decorating kids’ rooms doesn’t have to cost much—paint, fabric and a little creativity can really go a long way. And in the process, it can make the space workable, functional and fun for all!

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