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Homeowners are constantly doing something new to make their home more modern! Attempts are made to bring a new touch in everything from the entryway of the house to the roof of the house. Many people now love to keep a touch of green inside the house. Roof gardening is now a hobby of many. In addition to keeping the greenery on the veranda, many people are seen keeping indoor plants inside the house. Along with these, a new dimension has been added to the architecture of the house. And that is green roofing. Green roofing is not only environmentally friendly but also quite pleasant to look at. And many are interested in it. So today we will write about what green roofing is and its benefits!


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The basics of green roofing

What is Green Roofing and its Benefits

Green roof is one or more layers of trees planted on the roof.  Many also call these eco-friendly roofs.

Increases the durability of the roof – Green roofing protects the roof of your home from snow or harsh UV rays. Intense temperatures also provide cool air which makes the roof of your house long lasting and durable.

Noise Cancelation – Does not allow sound like hail or heavy rain to reach inside the house. In addition to these, it prevents any sound from outside from entering the room.

Cold and heat insulation – Green roofs keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. Which lowers your electricity bill.

Adds Space – Green Roofing is a place where you can walk around. You can walk around like a garden. And you can do gardening in that extra space. 

Aesthetics – Green roofing adds distinct beauty and aesthetics to your home decor. Makes the house different from everyone else.


Some Environmental Benefits

Environmental benefits of green roofing

Purifies the surrounding air. Reduces the amount of air pollution in the garden or green by 60%. Also, the process of photosynthesis reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and produces more oxygen. These roofs are more commonly used in big cities. These keep the house cool in daylight and warm at night. This is exactly what happens in winter or summer. Decreases humidity levels and raises temperature. It even reduces water problems. 30 to 50% of rain water is purified. 

Also, many animals, including birds, butterflies, and insects, make their home in the green. The urban life has grown so much that this green roof could be the green solution for you.

Can Every Roof be a Green Roof?

You can make many types of roofs as green roofs if you want, but some roofs may not be made like this. For example, roofs that use plastic, metal, wood or gypsum cannot be green roofed. Flat roofs can be easily converted to green roofing.

Things to Consider Before Green Roofing

Green roofs are installed in commercial and residential buildings to eliminate the negative impact on the environment. There are many types of roof architecture so it is important to consider a few aspects before installing. Will the roof coming first be able to bear the burden of green roofing? It is important to have a clear idea about the durability of the roof. Depth of soil to a pan, which impedes rooting  4 to 6 inches, except for specialized structural designs. And the roofs have to be stiff enough. Otherwise it may not be possible to carry the burden of green roofing.

If you are unsure about the structure of your roof, you should seek the advice of a roofing expert before installing a green roof. If your roof is on a flat surface, the installation process will be easier. In this case, confirm the location of the roof. Also, consider whether there is any type of leakage on the roof, otherwise the opposite may happen.

To us, the roof is just a memory of childhood, where hundreds of memories have been cut from childhood to youth. Now it’s time to get this roof in a different way. There is no substitute for green roofing to keep up with the declining levels of green from urban life. Write in the comments to let us know what you think of today’s article about green roofing


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