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While Chittagong may remind you of the port by the bay, it indeed should tell one more thing, the ‘Mezbaan’ (traditional and famous beef/mutton dish) since living in Chittagong feels just as good as this mouthwatering food. In Bangladesh, it is the second best city to live in right after the capital Dhaka. If we make an overall rough comparison of the cost of living between Dhaka and Chittagong, it is about 10% cheaper than the capital. However, the city has developed its unique lifestyle. Let’s look at the highlights of this port city and find out more.

Development of Chittagong

Development in Chittagong
Chittagong Showed Impressive Growth Compared to Dhaka

This city is already famous for trades and businesses. More than a third of Bangladesh’s economy comes from the city alone. As major industries are located here, this city saw immense growth over decades. Moreover, this gave birth to more domestic and international business opportunities. That’s how over the years, this city has created more jobs and business people, making the living standard a bit higher. No wonder why Radisson has a hotel in Chittagong as well.

Like every other industry, real estate in Chittagong has also developed over time. This is why areas like Khulshi holds the vibe of living in any posh areas of Dhaka.

Living and Lifestyle

People enjoying by the Bay of Bengal at Dawn- A snippet of lifestyle
Serene Lifestyle of The Port City

As mentioned, Khulshi is one of the prominent locations of Chittagong therefore unarguably, living over there would be a bit better choice. Moreover, the iconic Foy’s lake is also adjacent to that area, making it more demanding for a residence. After all, it does not constitute with Khulshi alone. There are areas like Jamal Khan, Nasirabad, and Agrabad. Among the Jamal Khan is considered as the ‘healthy city’ for its hygiene maintenance. On the other hand, Agrabad is the business hub of the city like Motijheel in Dhaka. For that, adjacent areas of Agrabad has also adopted an upgraded lifestyle.

Businesses, Offices & Educational Institutions

Chittagong University Campus
Chittagong University Campus, One of The Prominent Universities in Bangladesh

Development of the port city is crucial for the country and the business as well. For that, maximum top businesses based in Dhaka has also operations in Chittagong. Therefore, it is not left out in any way. There are several renowned educational institutions in the port city as well. Among them, the International Islamic University of Chittagong, Chittagong University, and Chittagong college are the most notable.

City With A View

Beautiful View of Chittagong
A Beautiful View of The City

This city is surrounded by hills and Bay of Bengal. Among many landmarks, Cheragi Pahar catches eyes the most. Then there is Karnaphuli river beautiful as always. Such picturesque views are enough to decorate and enhance the beauty of the city.  If you are a local, you would rarely feel the necessity to visit other places in the country. Then again, if you feel bored, you are only a few hours drive away to the longest sea beach in the world to freshen your mind up.

Or a Quick Escape From City Life?

Top Four Places To Visit In Chittagong
Must Visit Places Around The City

Isn’t 30 days too much for clinging to city life? For the adventurer in you, Chittagong offers a bunch of escapade options like Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban, Rangamati, Khagrachori and many more. You are few kilometers away to enjoy your break in such scenic locations. This is something you will not get easily living in other cities in Bangladesh.

For such scene and serenity, anyone would fall in love with this beautiful part of the country. Have you ever considered moving over there? If you plan to, you should get an idea of the all the properties in Chittagong first. What could be a better real estate marketplace than Bproperty? 

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